Nov. 9, 2007

Well at least I got my red carpet

Author: Belle
Photo courtesy of Zoolatry (thanks!!)

Well, as you can tell from the photo I did eventually get my red carpet treatment. Still I don't thinks its fair that I always have to be the one to suffer lost of blog privelages when Momma goes out of town. She says its just because friday happens to be a common day for her to be out of town. I think its a direct slur against my greatness!!
You know, stinky little Napoleon can go on and on about his royal heritage, but you haven't seen anything till you've seen a true Southern Kitty Belle in a tizzy! I have decided to ruin the sofa some more and to drink from the 'quarium alot lately. I think I shall teach Momma to leave on wednesdays instead of fridays. She keeps muttering something about "soft claws" and when are they going to arrive. I don't know anyone named SoftClaws and I think having two brothers is enough, I would like a sister instead! What do you mean its not another brother? Its a WHAT?? Momma says its a thing that goes over my claws to keep me from destroying the sofa...but thats one of my favorite things to do!!! I LOVE stretching my legs and digging in my claws and really letting that sofa know who's boss!! Wait, what, huh, it comes in pretty colors?? Hmmm, ok, maybe I'll wear them. But only if Napoleon has to wear them too! hehehe

Oh before I forget, Momma wanted me to update you on BearBear. Do you remember that Momma stuck poor old BearBear in the washing machine, and then since he was sooo old he exploded and lost his guts all over? Well, she went to the store and bought more guts and suctured up his wound. I didn't realize they sold guts in the store!! Anyway, BearBear is back on duty guarding the bed when I'm not there. Its very nice to have him all whole again! Yeah, welcome back BearBear!!


  1. Well you may be a Southern Belle, but you'z no Ladycat calling Napoleon "stinky" he's not at all stinky, in fact he's kinda cute and even a bit Mancatly too! Maybe you can have a tizzy, but I'z Abyssinian Royalty and I can throw a right temper tantrum if'z you call that sweet little Napoleon nasty names!

    You'z been warned, you hear! I won'tz have none of it...

    Your'z in annoyance!

    PS: Purrs for cute Napoleon... You know you're my fave kittyboy don't you?! :)

  2. Oh poor Belle, please excuse Isis and her childish temper tantrums and paw manners... It seems she's infatuated with your little brother! ;)

    Now back to the important stuff, I'm pleased to hear that BearBear is back in one piece and that they have a shop that sells teddy guts! There is nothing sadder than teddy that's not fit for snuggling with... Purrsonally I like to groom them too, but that often ends in my getting told off and coughing up strange colour furballs... It's a hard life being a cat who loves teddy bears!

  3. You deserve the red carpet treatment!

    I know how you feel, Mom leaves AGAIN on Monday for A WHOLE WEEK!

    Sometimes life is not fair.


  4. hehehe, I like diggin my claws into the recklinur and showin it who's boss! I sleep in it, too, but I have to show it who's boss anyhows.

    And that's a great Red Carpet Graffick of you!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  5. What a beautiful graphic of you! And like Mao, I sometimes sharpen my claws on the recliner, too... *sigh*, it's just... so... THERE...!

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

  6. I'm happy 4 u about bearbear

  7. hmmm...napoleon is a Meezer he can not possible be anything other than wonderful! i will forgive your mistake though cos you are indeed a southern belle extraordinaire! :) xxx