Nov 12, 2007

I am the studly wonderkitty

Author: Hunter
Photo courtesy of Zoolatry (thanks!!)

I have noticed lately thats alot of the girl kitties out there are defending my stinky little meezer brother. Perhaps the gentle girlkitties havesn't looked closely enough into my beautiful golden eyes? It is obviouse thats I am the bestest and most handsomest of the male kitties in this house. And its super true that my brother is stinky. Its a fact! His stinky farts are enough to wakes Momma up from a dead sleep. They is some kind of toxic noxious gas!!!

Anyway, enough about the is all about me. I saw something that I had to eat, it crawled up the looked crunchy, thwaaaaaaappppp, gulp, was crunchy!! I tried to upload a photos of the many legged snack, but blogger is being frustrating again. I was supppppposseee to blog earlier in the day, but Momma didn't factor ins the big winds. We was without lights or heat today. Thankfully she did crank up the heat earlier, made the house super warm before we lost the power. I do not understand that phrase, lose power? I never lose power, I am the ruler of the house no matter what that stinky little meezer says. I is bigger! I gets to be on the lap first and I lets him have the "special" pillow hims and Belle is always wineing abouts just cause I is tired of listening to the two annoying furbags...not because I is lossing the power!
Anyway, Momma says the power is I is able to FINALLLY gets back on here and do my blog. I shall of course exersice my impressive power now and force stupid blogger to let me post a picture of my yummy many legged snack....big sigh, it acted like it was gonna let me, then it poofed...grrr. I shall post my snack another time. Now its time for a nap, then all the girl kitties can write and let me know how much cuter I am then stinkybutt,umm...I mean Napoleon.
Yes, Momma, I is being really nice this time...I got to go...*poofing out in a cloud of black fur*

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  1. Eeer, maybe I better not let Isis read this today... It'll only get her fur in a knot over someone saying nasty things about Napoleon, and it's not like she's got a high opinion of blackcat kind... This is mostly down to Tigmut'hep bopping her on the brain and trying to help himself to her dinner, but I think she sees all of blackcat kind as being much like him now... :( Sadly she is obsessed with your little meezer brother and hoping very much that he'll turn up here this Saturday for the party! :)