Nov 30, 2007

This is my BOX!!!

Author: Napoleon

I knows I isn'ts suppose to blog on fridays but I don'ts care!! I is suppose to bloggy on the wednesdays, but Momma wasn't here to let me ins to play with the clickty clack machine. SO I is stealing the blog today. Belle isn't amuseded but I don'ts care. so there NENNERRRR!(tongue sticking out)

As you can sees in this picture, I is laying claim to the box. Momma buys us toys of all sorts and shapes, buts we love the boxes bestest of all! Sometimes I climbs in and then I wait till one of my sisters or brother walks by, thens I pounce! hehehe They nevers know it was me!!

Momma says she gots some information about a secret paw thingie. We don't know about secret paws, but they better nots send us anofer kitty attched to that paw!! She says we isn't gonna be alloweds to play with the toys or box and stuff because she is sendings them to our secret paw away across the country. WHAT?? You is bringing toys and anofer box into my house and finks I isn't gonna play wif them???? You is nuts Momma!!


  1. Oh you'z lookin wonderful Napoleon! I'z missed you so much here... In fact Mummy says I've been a pest about not seeing you all week, I'z hope you could hear my yowling! ;)


  2. Oh YES! Boxes are THE BEST TOY! Well, except for NIP!

    Luf, Us

  3. Ah, Napoleon. You have a great box.
    I reaaaalllly love boxes too. I think they are maybe more fun than toys.

  4. Napoleon, this photo is a real piece of art. The way you have displayed the mouse in the center of the stark box elicits all kinds of emotions. I also like your pose. You must like the camera as much as I do. Are you into performance art? I am. In my favorite piece I run down the hall holding the end of a toilet paper roll in my teeth while mum plays Pink Floyd's Division Bell in the background and she yells, "ZELDA!" It's a great piece and everyone loves it.


  5. Have fun with the box, not to worry~!

  6. I heard of this secwet paw thing as well! I think it means they're sending our paws over secwetwy to another kitty! Scawy isn't it?

    I hopes your Momma gets better fwom being sick soon!