March 25, 2009

The bad news just keeps coming........

Well, just wanted to let you all know that my new camera (Sony Cybershot DSCW200 12.1MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom and Super Steady Shot) that I got this last year that I was so excited and pleased to have was sadly stolen. There isn't anything I can do about it and I can't really afford to get a nice new 400+ dollar digital camera that takes regular photos as well as video. I really liked that camera. Anyway, this means the end of this blog as I can't take pictures or even videos anymore.
Maybe someday in the future I'll be able to afford to replace it, and if so I'll blog again....if not then well I won't. When I went back to research how much it would cost to replace it, I found that the price had risen and now that camera costs 699.00 . It was a good camera...but not worth 700 dollars! It was worth it when I got it on sale for 299.99.
So, I have to start saving again and hope to find it someday at that cheap a price...

March 24, 2009

Kittens at play

Here is a video of the older kittens running around and playing. They are so adorable!

March 22, 2009

Gunner and I went to the Oregon beach yesterday.

Lots of other people came to the beach with their doggies!

I let Gunner do a little rock climbing

Gunner is king of all he sees!

I want to thank everyone who sent notes of condolence about the loss of my Grandma. I knew her time was drawing short, but it was still a bit unexpected and hard to deal with.

The kittens are growing up fast. I haven't taken any photos of them in a long while. I have moved them into a bedroom now and they are all using the litterbox and eating solid food. They have about a week left before they go to new homes. Some of the kittens have a cold now though. :(

The younger litter finally had to be separated from the older litter after the sad death of one of the younger ones. I think that the kittens all loved each other and loved to cuddle together, but when it came time to eat they weren't able to compete even though there was two momma kitties. They seem to be doing better now that they are separated. I have also started them on a once daily supplemental feeding in addition to still getting Keera's milk and care. They are super funny to watch when the supplement milk is given to them. At first they are all like "neh, no I don't want that" Then they taste it and they are all like " omg, gimme gimme gimme!!!"

I'll be taking photos of the older litter before they start leaving for their forever homes. And I'll get some photos of the younger litter too, they all have their eyes open and are crawling all over the place!

March 11, 2009

My grandma passed away yesterday. She was 90 years old and had lived a full life before Alzheimer's disease eventually took her from our family.

I grieve but in reality I understand that she is finally done suffering and is now in the arms of our Lord at peace and with great joy at her return to paradise.

I'll be taking a few days off from blogging. But I want to thank everyone who has been commenting lately about her. She was a very wonderful woman whose presence will be missed.

March 9, 2009

Took this video yesterday

Not too much to report. Same cute cuddly babies doing cute fuzzy The older ones are quite good at running around now. They have started nibbling on the food, so hopefully that will put less stress and calorie demand on Monkey.

Monkey is much more vocal, constantly calling to all the kittens from both litters. She frequently steals one or more of Keera's babies.

Keera growls alot when the kittens nurse. Not sure why. I'm thinking part of it might be because she has such long belly fur and the babies have such sharp nails. I have frequently found tufts of fur in the bathroom. I think the kittens might be ripping the fur out when they are struggling to find a nipple and scratching each other and momma Keera.

My heartbreak is that my poor Grandma is still lingering on waiting for the end to come. I'm surprised that her body is still supporting her. She has end stage Alzheimer's which means she isn't able to eat or drink much anymore. She forgets how to chew and swallow, then she starts to remember. It goes back and forth. Its very difficult to watch someone you knew as a strong person become so weak and helpless. Every night now when I tuck her into her bed I tell her that if she sees Jesus she should go with him. That she will be able to see her husband,her son, her grandson, and all her friends who already went to Heaven.

I have a booklet that the Hospice people gave me that teaches caregivers how to help the patient cope with the transition. Your suppose to say things like "Its ok to go now, you can let go...ect" Sometimes a person will hold on longer then they should because they feel like they can't go yet and that they need to linger longer to finish something but they can't remember what it is. They end up in a lot of physical discomfort and sometimes you want to look them in the eye and demand to know why they are doing this to themselves. But you have to remember, the disease is in control now and they are being carried along its path. Its a horrible horrible way to go. Parts of who they used to be is torn away: the strength, the humor, the love, the memories...those things help define who we are as individuals...when we lose those, we lose ourselves. And how much harder it must be in the early stages, to be fully aware that you are losing all the things that made you a unique person.

It is my greatest hope that someday soon someone will find a cure for this disease, that no more people will have to be so diminished from who they were. When the end finally comes for Grandma, I'll try to post something on here but I will probably not be able to post again for awhile.

My family has always had the whole stiff upper lip kind of mentality when it comes to mortality, but I have been caring for Grandma for years and have had her living here in my home for over a I don't know how I'll react. I think a bit of relief that her pain is over, a bit of guilt because you always feel guilty...thinking you might have been able to do something more...even when you know you did everything. Probably feel a little relief that my vigil will have ended, and then more guilt because I shouldn't feel relief. All the books and pamphlets tell and teach you how to cope and what to expect, the range of emotions, ect...however, I think its something you can never really be fully prepared for no matter how much you think you are prepared.

March 5, 2009

March 2- part 2

This is the same day that the newborns arrived. Sorry I haven't been updating...things are always crazy here.
As many of you know I am taking full time care of my aging Grandma. She has advanced alzheimers and at this point its only a matter of days before she makes the transition from this life to the next. Its difficult to stay cheerful and upbeat and take time out of my busy day to video the new babies and post them, but I'll try to every couple of days.

March 2, 2009

This really early morning, I was surprised to discover that Keera was in labor. She was having some serious issues with stealing Monkey's babies and then biting them...then licking them. Monkey kept wanting to see what was wrong with Keera and was licking her and purring and meowing. I moved the kittens out of the shower into the reserved area in the bathroom. But Monkey was upset and Keera was upset, and kept trying to steal the kittens. So eventually I took all the kittens and placed them in my bedroom, and locked Keera in the bathroom.

She was in very active labor at this point. A few minutes later I went into the bathroom and there was a kitten on the floor and Keera was in the shower. The kitten on the floor wasn't moving a whole bunch and was still in its sack. So I broke the sack open and placed the kitten right near Keera's head. She proceeded to eat the placenta and wash the newborn, however as she was doing that another kitten was born. So she started taking care of the newest arrival. Soon the first one began screaming loudly.

Remember, Keera is a long haired kitty? Well the first born was having issues not being able to find a nipple. Meanwhile, its chaos for poor Keera cause now she has two screaming babies and is still in labor. Monkey is out in the bedroom screaming her head off, scratching and clawing at the door trying desperately to come to the aid of the screaming newborns. She was unable to understand that all of her 24 day old kittens were fine. She was sure that these newborns were hers and they needed her!

Eventually things quieted down. Unfortunately Keera is a first time mom and is way too young, so I am going to keep a close eye on her and the babies. I did not plan to breed her, and her kittens are adorable but not a purebreed of any sort. It can make it more difficult to find good quality families to be responsible pet owners if they are just getting a run of the mill tabby type kitten. Of course that is not always the case and lots of nonpurebreed kittens and cats find loving forever homes.

I'm going to go check on Keera and then take some photos of her babies. She has six by the way! So that makes it an even dozen kittens in this house! This will cost me a lot of money and time and could have all been avoided had I gotten Keera spayed before she was six months of age. If you have a stubborn vet that won't do a spay prior to six months of age, don't listen to them, find another vet! Many vets will do a spay as soon as your kitten weighs 2 pounds. The female can go into heat at or BEFORE six months of age and this is really too young for them to have the best litter and best health. There can be alot of medical complications as well as the new mom only being a baby herself! And if you think you can just ride out the spay, wait for her to stop caterwaling you are mistaken. She will do everything in her power to get to a male! She will jump through open windows or dash out between your feet if you open the door for even a moment. Its biological and she can't resist. It causes many issues in life. They say that letting your cat go into heat once doubles her chances of having mammary(breast?) cancer later in life.

The miracle of life is wonderful but I do not recommend allowing your kitty to have a litter just to experience it. There are many cat shelters that will gladly let you foster a pregnant momma cat, that way you are saving the mom's life as well as the new born kitten's lives. Many shelters are so overfull of unwanted animals and they do not have enough foster homes that when a pregnant or lactating queen comes in they do not have the resources and are forced to put mom and babies down.