August 31,2006

This is Rajjah playing with her sister Carmelita. When I found a new home for Carmelita, I didn't realize they actually live in the home behind me. This is great for the kittens as Carmelita sneeks up once in a while to play with Rajjah. Pepper just sat and hissed off camera.

August 30,2006

This is the neighbor girl who supposedly owns Pepper, but as you can see he is not happy to be held by her. I think she likes the idea of having a kitty, but doesn't truely understand the responsibilities. Pepper still eats here everyday, I need to talk to the father...find out whats the plan for the poor kitty.

August 29, 2006

This is a pic of Curly Tail, my aunts other kitty. He had a goober under his eye and wouldn't let me take a better pic of him. He was a stray that showed up on her doorstep a few years after she got Boo Boo (the white kitty) and she ended up putting extra food out for Curly Tail. His tail stays like that all the time and he is part fire point siamese, I believe. His ear is floppy because he had an aural(?) hematoma (hope I got that right) and he had to have surgery to correct it. Once it healed, it was flopped down. He's still a cutie pie though! I'll be pet sitting him and his big brother Boo Boo in October, so I'll try and get some great new photos while I'm there.
I'll be pet sitting my mother's kitty in the early part of September, so I'll try and get some pics of her kitty.

Don't forget, Anyone can send it photos or stories about their pets and I'll post it here for all to see. :)

August 28,2006

This is her royal highness Empress Tao demanding I fill up the obviously empty food dish!

August 25,2006

Cody just had a bath and is in the process of getting dried. I think he is just adorable when his fur gets all fluffy and smells so nice! Too bad the moment he went outside he played in the dirt!

August 24, 2006

This is BooBoo my aunts kitty. He is 14 years old, and it seems like just yesterday he was a little kitten! I remember the first year my Aunt had him, and she stayed over at our house on Christmas eve. Boo Boo climbed the christmas tree. He couldn't help himself! lol

August 23, 2006

Cody napping on the sofa. He was kinda of annoyed by the flash on the camera...oops!
Sorry I didn't post earlier but I usually post around midnight before going to bed, but stupid cable company was doing maintence and the internet was down for hours. Would have been nice if they would have told us they were going to do that!

August 22, 2006

This is Rajjah, peeking out from her favorite spot to sit...Between my feet. I have to be very careful when I walk!!

August 21, 2006

Two for the price of one! And one only costs you a click! lol. In the front is Pepper, my neighbors kitten and in the back is Rajjah. I am seriously having doubts about the neighbors abilities when it comes to cat care. The other day Pepper was over here when I put out food for my cats, and he literally dove into the food bowl and kept the other cats at bay while he wolfed down the food. This wasn't like he was thinking...hmm, free food, think I'll try some...this was more like....oh thank god someone is going to let me eat! Needless to say I put out extra and the next day I put out extra again. At the end of the second day, his stomach was severly bloated from all the food...but he's a growing baby...needs some yums in his tums! Of course, now that I fed him...he thinks he's my cat! Follows me around everytime I come outside, jumps in my lap when I'm sitting. And he gets irritated when Rajjah is in my lap first.
The neighbor got Pepper for his two kids, but they are gone at their mom's every 2 weeks for 2 weeks, at least during the summer. Pepper does have a great purr and personality, I just wasn't planning on having 4 cats. I think I'll talk to the neighbor next time I see him and see if this kitten is more responsiblity then he was expecting and if he would like me to find Pepper a new home. His kids are more then welcome to pet Rajjah anytime they need a kitten to play with. Pepper's such a loveable baby, I'm sure he will fit in just fine in a new more loving home. Got to be delicate about it, but I think its in Pepper's best interest to be loved,cared for and fed.

August 20,2006

I wasn't going to post on the weekend, but when I was at my mothers house I happened to snap a pic of a mystery kitten. Unfortunetly it was sunset, so the quality wasn't that great. I haven't figured out how to set the date on the camera either, lol.
Anyway, this kitten is perched on a concrete retaining wall that is directly behind my mother's vegetable garden. She has a ceramic bunny on the wall and the mystery kitten was just sitting next to it, calm and cute as can be!
I wasn't able to get a picture of my mom's cat, but she did give me her old digital camera!!!! WHOOO HOOO!!!!! I can't wait to figure it out, so I can get lots of great shots of my babies!

August 18, 2006

Don't have alot of time as I preparing for the weekend. Just wanted to upload an old picture of my eldest cat Her royal Highness THE Empress Tao, and goodness don't forget who rules this house! lol This pic is of her when she was a baby, she is about 3 years old now. I got her from an odd situation too. Her first owner couldn't take care of the kittens when they were little (not sure why they didn't have mom) so she gave them away to different people. This one lady took one kitten and was keeping her in the shed in a BIRDCAGE!!!! OMG, as soon as I heard about this I went over there and I rescued her. At the time I was just preparing to move out on my own, sort of...I moved in with my best friend and she said it was ok if I brought a cat. Good thing my new baby was so small, she could scoot under the door when it was closed and thus escape my roommate's Husky/lab mix. Eventually she learned she was the smarter of the two, and she would sit on the cat tree and smack Pancho (the dog) upside the head anytime he came too close to her. She is very smart and when she was young learned several tricks, much better then Pancho did! lol.
I'm going to my mother's house this weekend, hope to borrow her digital camera and take a new pic of Cody, he got another trim that went horribly wrong...good thing he's cute no matter what! My mother also has a cat, though she never really wanted one...she got adopted by Murphy, the neighbors cat. And if possible I'll get a pic of him and share his story.
Have a great and safe weekend, see you all on Monday!

august 17, 2006

I haven't gotten any pics of any pets yet :( So I'm going to keep posting pics of my pets! hehe! Got to love having creative control over your own space on the web!! This pic is of my loveseat with big white pillow...oh yes...and Rajjah, the fearless kitten!
Her mother was unfortunetly eaten (yuck!) by either a coyote or a cougar. She was still nursing her litter of 6, so I had to hand raise them. Thankfully they were about 4 weeks old, so only had to do it for a few more weeks. I was planning on keeping the calico kitten (Carmelita) because I had always wanted a calico, but her personality just didn't seem to make a good bond between us. Meanwhile her sister Rajjah was crying for me all the time and always eagerly ran to greet me. I was able to find good homes for all her brothers and sisters. Infact, her sister Carmelita lives in the house behind me! So on nice sunny days, we let the two of them out and they play kittens! hehe.
I started thinking about it, and you know what? All of my pets come from a sad situation. I've never gotten one that had a nice normal start in life. Sigh! Poor fuzzies! At least I know they get a great life here with me. :)
Now don't forget yall, send me pics and stories!! If you've sent me something and I didn't get it....try again, and if I still don't get it...put it on a comment here, and I'll see whats going on with yahoo mail...might switch services if the spam filter is snatching cute pics of pets!

August 16, 2006

I'll try and put up a new pet picture and/or story each day. I probably won't be able to on the days that I am working...but those usually fall on a weekend. I know this weekend from Friday till Sunday I am working almost all the way I'll try and post 2 things before I go. But any day that I am for sure here, I will post pics and stories. I would prefer for now that pet stories be true, things that your pet has done to impact your life...where you got them from, stuff along those lines.

This picture of my shady cat isn't by design, he just wouldn't stand still for a photo in the sun where I could get a clear pic! I do have a few of him when he was younger. Don't mind the fact that I always end up in the picture too. I didn't have a digital camera and when he was little I had to use the webcam instead. This shady pic was one I had from a cheap disposable fingers are crossed that Santa will bring me a digital camera this year. ;)
Heres a little info about Ceasar.

When his mother was pregnant with him and his brothers and sisters, his owner was going to have her put down! I said no no!! I agreed to foster mom and babies till they were old enough to go to forever homes. I had a tiny apartment at the time, and it was a huge struggle to keep my cat(her royal highness, the Empress Tao) and the foster kitties (mom and 6 babies) apart, but I managed. Eventually, I just latched onto Ceasar, he had so much personality...I couldn't help myself. Plus he's gorgeous. :)
Everyone else, including momma kitty found forever homes.

This is the first post

I'm going to be inserting pics as soon as I figure it out...infact, let me try it this very first post! If it works, its gonna be a pic of my dog Cody. This blog is all about all pets, furry or scaly. Big or small, I welcome all pics of all pets of all ages.
Yes, thats my big foot in the Cody is about 2 or 3 now, and a fuzzy pomeranian who had a bad start in life but is well cared for now. I'm still rehabilitating him, but I hope someday that he will be healed (mentally) and willing to move to his forever home. If not, he will always have a place with me.