August 16, 2006

I'll try and put up a new pet picture and/or story each day. I probably won't be able to on the days that I am working...but those usually fall on a weekend. I know this weekend from Friday till Sunday I am working almost all the way I'll try and post 2 things before I go. But any day that I am for sure here, I will post pics and stories. I would prefer for now that pet stories be true, things that your pet has done to impact your life...where you got them from, stuff along those lines.

This picture of my shady cat isn't by design, he just wouldn't stand still for a photo in the sun where I could get a clear pic! I do have a few of him when he was younger. Don't mind the fact that I always end up in the picture too. I didn't have a digital camera and when he was little I had to use the webcam instead. This shady pic was one I had from a cheap disposable fingers are crossed that Santa will bring me a digital camera this year. ;)
Heres a little info about Ceasar.

When his mother was pregnant with him and his brothers and sisters, his owner was going to have her put down! I said no no!! I agreed to foster mom and babies till they were old enough to go to forever homes. I had a tiny apartment at the time, and it was a huge struggle to keep my cat(her royal highness, the Empress Tao) and the foster kitties (mom and 6 babies) apart, but I managed. Eventually, I just latched onto Ceasar, he had so much personality...I couldn't help myself. Plus he's gorgeous. :)
Everyone else, including momma kitty found forever homes.


  1. well somehow the lay out changed once I actually published the post. So in stead of one pic being on one side and one on the other, they are as you see them. Yeah, they arent the greatest photos...but I'm working with cheap Come on Santa, momma needs to take photos of her pets!

  2. they was gonna put the momma down jus cause of her havin babies? that's horry-bull! it's so good of you ta take care of the whole fam-lee!

  3. Yes unfortunetly, they were planning on taking her to the "humane" shelter. The shelter's policy is to put to sleep any animal that is pregnant if its too late to abort the babies. Its sick and awful!
    The sad thing is that alot of people think the shelter is a safe place to take a pet you can't take care of anymore...instead they close their doors to the public once a week just to spend the entire day killing and cremating animals. It makes me sick to think of it....
    so there was no way I was gonna let the lady take the momma kitty to the pound.