August 21, 2006

Two for the price of one! And one only costs you a click! lol. In the front is Pepper, my neighbors kitten and in the back is Rajjah. I am seriously having doubts about the neighbors abilities when it comes to cat care. The other day Pepper was over here when I put out food for my cats, and he literally dove into the food bowl and kept the other cats at bay while he wolfed down the food. This wasn't like he was thinking...hmm, free food, think I'll try some...this was more like....oh thank god someone is going to let me eat! Needless to say I put out extra and the next day I put out extra again. At the end of the second day, his stomach was severly bloated from all the food...but he's a growing baby...needs some yums in his tums! Of course, now that I fed him...he thinks he's my cat! Follows me around everytime I come outside, jumps in my lap when I'm sitting. And he gets irritated when Rajjah is in my lap first.
The neighbor got Pepper for his two kids, but they are gone at their mom's every 2 weeks for 2 weeks, at least during the summer. Pepper does have a great purr and personality, I just wasn't planning on having 4 cats. I think I'll talk to the neighbor next time I see him and see if this kitten is more responsiblity then he was expecting and if he would like me to find Pepper a new home. His kids are more then welcome to pet Rajjah anytime they need a kitten to play with. Pepper's such a loveable baby, I'm sure he will fit in just fine in a new more loving home. Got to be delicate about it, but I think its in Pepper's best interest to be loved,cared for and fed.


  1. we vote YES to love, care an food fur the poor kitty! good fur you!! purrs

  2. Course, I can't seem to ever catch this owner outside...I may have to wait till his kids come back. Meanwhile Pepper is of the mind that he belong at my house. I keep putting out extra for him...can't help myself. poor guy!