August 29, 2006

This is a pic of Curly Tail, my aunts other kitty. He had a goober under his eye and wouldn't let me take a better pic of him. He was a stray that showed up on her doorstep a few years after she got Boo Boo (the white kitty) and she ended up putting extra food out for Curly Tail. His tail stays like that all the time and he is part fire point siamese, I believe. His ear is floppy because he had an aural(?) hematoma (hope I got that right) and he had to have surgery to correct it. Once it healed, it was flopped down. He's still a cutie pie though! I'll be pet sitting him and his big brother Boo Boo in October, so I'll try and get some great new photos while I'm there.
I'll be pet sitting my mother's kitty in the early part of September, so I'll try and get some pics of her kitty.

Don't forget, Anyone can send it photos or stories about their pets and I'll post it here for all to see. :)


  1. we loves the curly tail! my tail looks like a question mark mosta the time, an i like ta curl it 'round the Lady's arm when she's pettin me. Midnight's tail goes straight up an Grr's tail's always twitchin frum side ta side.

  2. aw, how cute...a question mark tail! :) Send in a pic, love to see ya Cocoa