October 31(2), 2006

Found this kitty cold and starving outside on halloween, not sure to whom she belongs. I brought her inside and fed her, but she hissed at MeiLin and chased her around the house trying to fight with her. So after mystery kitty ate a bunch I sadly had to put her back outside. I'm getting ready to leave for 3 days again and couldn't be here to supervise the kittys to see if they would eventually get along...or else I would have tried to keep her. She was very friendly to people but hated all the other outdoor kitties and hissed and scratched if they got too close. The girl who feeds my kittys when I'm away will put out extra just incase the mystery Meezer comes back. I would love for MeiLin to have an indoor companion and she seemed very interested in the mystery one, but the lost one didn't seem to happy to see her at all.

October 31, 2006

Happy Howlaween! from MAX and all of us at PetPics and stories

This is Max, my cousin's malamute. He's the sweetest nicest dog you'll ever meet. He shares his home with Mr.Green, and a fluffy kitty, and three beans who love him very much! Max is about 11 or 12 years old, so he's not as spry as he use to be. But don't tell him he's old, he can still take you for a walk...even if you weren't planning on going..lol.

October 30, 2006

You can look at me, but don't try to touch me...I can fly!

No matter how often I attempted to get him to come sit on my finger, Mr. Green just likes to flutter away. At least he stayed in the room and I didn't have to chase him around the house. There was a very fluffy siamese type kitty (himilayan?)somewhere lurking around the house. He let me pet him, but never photographed. He would come upstairs to eat, then quickly retreat downstairs when I got the camera out.
Tomorrow, a photo of Max my cousin's dog.

October 29, 2006

MeiLin has discovered the top shelf in the kitchen.

Do not disturb the great and powerful queen!!

I'll show you more pics of the cute birdie tomorrow, but I just had to quickly snap these photos so I could share them right away. She's so naughty cause she's not suppose to get on the counters, and then to find her up on the very top shelf...sigh, too cute, but naughty!! lol

October 28, 2006

MeiLin helps herself to Murphy's stinky goodness.

Murphy is such an easy going cat, he didn't mind if MeiLin ate all his yummy food. Of course, he knew I'd put more out for him...so he had no worries.

Going to be showing more photos of my time at my mother's house as well as at my cousin's house, before I go back to my normal time. Which is running around, petting MeiLin every 5 minutes and feeding all the neighbor cats. lol.

October 27, 2006

Mr. Green wants to know who's looking at who?!

Just returned from caring for my cousin's pets while she was away on a business trip.
She has three lovely pets, though only 2 would let me take photos! lol. One of them is this darling little lovebird, Mr. Green. He was very vocal, but darling!! :)

October 24, 2006

MeiLin and Murphy seem to be saying "Nothing to see here."

On a side note, I won't be able to update the blog till friday afternoon at the earliest. Sorry for the lack of photos till then. I'll be pet sitting my cousin's big dog, hope to get a few pics of him while I'm there.

October 23, 2006

Water is bestest when its super fresh right from the tap! YUMMY!!!!

October 21, 2006

MeiLin enjoys watching television, you can't tell but this is a show about bears. She loves the Animal Planet channel. Murphy just loves sleeping.

October 20, 2006

Murphy is an elderly kitty, so he enjoys his naps very much.

He doesn't enjoy being photographed with a flash when he is napping...oops!

October 19, 2006

Grandma catches a quick nap with MeiLin.

October 18, 2006

I made the photos smaller so I could fit them all in. You can click on them to biggify them.

MeiLin comes over to say hi to Murphy.

Murphy pretends to ignore MeiLin, maybe she'll go away.

AW, Come on, MeiLin just wants to play a little!!

Well if Murphy won't play, maybe MeiLin can grab a nap with him instead

Notice their little paws touching? Isn't that the cutest??

October 17, 2006

Murphy eating his stinky goodness. Yummy for his tummy!

Do you know that MeiLin refuses to eat stinky goodness food? Isn't that the oddest thing? She will sniff it and look at it, but she doesn't eat it. Until today, I came around the corner and saw her nibbling on some of Murphy's food. AhHA! I knew it, no kitty can resist the stinky goodness!! She just had to take her time about it. Poor Murphy isn't sure about sharing his food, cause he's so old he hasn't gotten any teeth anymore...but as long as he gets a full bowl, I guess he won't miss a mouthful here and there. :)

October 14, 2006

The first day at my mothers home went well. MeiLin sniffed around the whole house and explored everywhere.

The trouble started the next morning. My grandmother woke up before me, so she went out to get the newspaper. Murphy (my mom's cat) is allowed to go in and out whenever he wants. MeiLin is NOT allowed to go outside. Grandmother has Alzheimers and can't always distinguish between different people or cats. So, long story short...she let MeiLin out. I wasn't dressed yet, so I threw on my old clothes from the day before...messy hair, no shower...and ran outside frantically calling for MeiLin. I went to the end of the street and called and called. She was no where in sight. I'm not ashamed to admit I starting bawling. Tears streaming down my face I called and called for her, I decided to head back up to the house.

Get dressed properly and get shoes on so I could start a systematic search of the neighborhood. I knew she had only been gone 5 minutes, so she couldn't be too far. She would be lost and have no idea that this place was our temporary home and she should come back here. I was crying and so frantic. I came back up to the house, and out of the rosebushes and rhodedendroms out comes this adorable precious MeiLin. I scooped her up and brought her back in the house. WHEW!!!!!!! Thank goodness. Though my whole saga only lasted 5 minutes or so, but it felt like a lifetime and I just couldn't go through that again. Today we are going to go to the pet store and get her a proper collar and nametag with my name and number on it, just to be on the safe side.

October 13, 2006

Today I start my 10 day stay at my mothers home while she is in sunny Costa Rica! I'll be petsitting Murphy, my aunts kitty Curly Tail and be taking care of my grandmother. MeiLin (the newest addition) shall be going with me on my trip...but Empress and Ceasar are staying here. Not to worry, the nice teen that lives across the street will be feeding them and petting them (if they let her) while I'm gone. I'd bring my outdoor kitties with me, but I'm afraid they wouldn't like being confined to a strange house. They won't even come into the nice house we've lived at since May. I keep telling them they won't have a choice when it gets cold, I'm gonna snatch them up and bring them inside anyway! I tried that last winter...maybe I'll have better luck this year? At least I have a good sturdy shelter for them to come in out of the rain and occasional snow. But it would make me feel alot better if they would come inside the house.
MeiLin has tried to insist that since all the other kitties are outdoors that she should be able to go too...I pull up the curtains so she can sit in the window, but no way is she gonna ever gonna go back outside. I have too much of a struggle argueing with my outdoor kitties...I don't need to add another one that refuses to come back into the nice warm snuggly house.

Plus there aren't any beds outside that MeiLin can help me make.....

Guess what that lump is?

Even after I pulled the sheet up, she just wasn't about to move..lol. Eventually we agreed that I could finish putting the bed back together, but only if she got to sleep on it first.

October 12, 2006

Today I'm going to hand the blog over to MeiLin as she is very insistant that she can too type!

Things I've learned about my new 'bean and home, by MeiLin

I've learned lots of neat stuff! I wants to writes them all down so the other little kittys can learns as much as me!

1. The bean likes to stand in a white thing and let water run over her whole body! Even when I tried to rescue her she stayed in there! She thinks its cute to see my furry face peek around the curtain, she does NOT think its cute when I try to grab her to rescue her! Sigh, beans...who can understand them??

2. When the bean removes the fur from her legs, she does not mind me watching. She DOES mind if I try to check if that spayed-on-white-fluffy stuff on her legs is for eating. Yuck, why would you put stuff on your nice soft fur if you wasn't gonna lick it off real quick?? Bleck!!

3. Once the fur is off the bean, it is not ok to try to grab the sharp thing and attack it. I don't understand it, the sharp thing was mean and took all the bean's fur away...wouldn't you be mad at the sharp thing? Its ok though, I watched the bean and she stuck that mean sharp thing in a drawer where it can't get out to take her fur again.

4. There is a noisy thing that looks harmless. It is not! First it is real quiet and drags its tail all the way down the hallway. Then the bean comes and grabs the tail and shoves it in the wall! Serious, I saw her do it! Then she walks back down the hallways and touches the big black thingie...and it comes to life and starts to growl and moves all over! It stole all the nice white fur piles I've been leaving on the carpet and chairs. I put those there as pressies for my bean, and that noisy thing stole them!! Never fear, I saw the bean shove the noisy thing into a closet...so now its safe for me to leave fresh piles of fur pressies!

5. If your up on a counter, the bean will say "NO!" Don't worry though, if you stay up there for a few more minutes it means that your bean wants to play a quick game of catch-me. There is lots of fun then...the main trick is to sit there purrrfectly still and look at her all sweet. And then just as she comes a little closer, gracefully jump to the ground and make a quick dash to the nearest hiding spot! If the bean doesn't chase you, go back to the counter and start again. If she does chase you, even if its real slow, just keep moving to places she can't get to you. She'll get tired eventually and you'll win!

6. The bean does not like cold noses at 3am. The bean does not like cold noses at 4am. The bean does not like cold noses at 5am. The bean give in at 6am and lets you shove your cold face up close to hers, and then best of all she finally gets up to put more food in the bowl. It is important to remind the bean, that even if there is still food in the bowl...6am is the time for more to be in there.

Soon as I learns more stuff, I'm gonna sneak into the 'puter room and types again...you just watch!

Alright MeiLin, my turn for the computer...I have to check my email. No, don't worry I'll publish this for you. No, there's already plenty of food in the bowl....oh fine, I'll put more in.

October 11, 2006

As promised, more information about the furry invader! To start off, here is a photo of her admiring her cute self in the closet door mirror.

Yes, its hard to see her blurry self. But thats cause she never sits still. Unless its nap time....

Uh oh, have awakened the petite princess! Soon it shall be time to play again!!

Ok, so lets do a little introduction... The photos of the sweet little invader are of MeiLin. She is about 5-7 months old (guessing). She has a very sad little tale to tell.

One day a wonderfully kind lady was walking her dogs on a wooded path near her home. She paused in her walk, sure that she had heard something. Yes, there was definetly a very distressed sound coming from further ahead. She walked and walked and the sound got louder...MEOW!!! She came to a little scaredy kitty! The kind lady saw that there were no homes nearby that this kitty could belong to and so she scooped her up and walked all the way back home. The little lost and scared kitty curled up quite happily in her arms the whole way back. The very kind lady fed her and then made posters, put an ad in the newspaper, and put ads on the internet. Maybe, this kitty belonged to someone and they were desperatly looking for her? But her experiences in this area were telling her, that this poor adorable kitty had most likely been dumped! Yes, DUMPED out in the woods...all alone, use to being someones loved and pampered pet...how long do you think scared kitty would have lasted if the kind lady had not come and rescued her?

How did I end up with the kitty, you might be asking? Well, as many of you know I lost my darling Rajjah a few weeks ago. I've been very heartbroken and upset. I miss her so much. As more and more time passes and she doesn't come home I am beginning to accept that she might not be coming back. I decided a few days ago, that I needed to do something productive to help animals. I called a friend of mine who lives in a town I use to live in. She fosters tons of unwanted cats and kittens. I thought, maybe she could use an extra foster home...I would feed and care for some kitties and find them new homes...and some of the burden on this nice lady would be lifted. Usually she doesn't ask, but is always happy when I volunteer. And I thought, maybe if I'm doing something good and nice...maybe my heart won't hurt so much.
So I called up my friend, only to find out that there had been a very sick kitty that had some contagious disease. The person who dumped this cat out on my friends property probably knew about the illness...but didn't care enough to take their furry friend to the vet. :( So, very sad news...alot of the kittens and nursing mothers had gotten ill. My friend is fighting a very saddening battle, and has lost alot of the kittens. She thought it best that since I have cats at home, it would not be good to bring any of the cats from her home to mine...as the disease might still be contagious.

So now I was sad for myself, my aunt (who lost her kitty to old age), and for my friend who had lost some of her fosters. I really wanted to help, but I also didn't want to just adopt another cat...because there is no way that any kitty could replace Rajjah. There might be an addition...but never a replacement.

Back to the kind lady who had picked up scaredy little kitty. She had the advertisment online that said she had found a kitty. I saw that it was a few days old...and I thought, whatever happens to these lost and found kitties if someone doesn't claim them? Do they all find new homes with their rescuers or do they go to the pound?? So rather tentatively at first, I wrote to the kind lady and asked if anyone had claimed the kitty...and I offered my home just incase no one did.
It was a good thing that I did...because the kind lady has four kitties of her own as well as a beautiful dog and really wasn't looking to permanently adopt another kitty. I'm sure she would have found a loving and wonderful home for this kitty, but how much better for me...here is a kitty that was very obviously (at some point) loved, pampered, and cared for. All the furry one wants is to be loved, to be around you always. She has a tiney cute little meow, and a very affectionate nature. So, I get to take in a cat that has had a weirdly sad start to her young life...the kind lady has room in her home to take in another lost kitty in the future, at least for a few days till owners are found...and I get to introduce you all to MeiLin, the adorable and wonderful new addition to my family.

October 10, 2006

Something has invaded my home. I'm only able to catch quick glimpses, but I'm pretty sure its furry.

Yes, its definetly furry and cute!

October 8, 2006

I know I ran this photo before (the date is wrong on it, was just a few months ago), but its the only one I have. My Aunt's cat BooBoo sadly passed away last night. She knew he wasn't doing well and had planned on taking him to the vet in the morning to help make his passage easier, but he wasn't able to hold on and died in her arms. Please lots of prayers and purrs for her. This friday (the 12th)I was suppose to take care of Boo Boo and his brofur Curly Tail while my aunt went on a trip. She has prepaid for the trip so can't get out...but I know her heart will really be back at home.

Quick Post

I came across this site today, and it was soooooo freaking funny! Most of the stuff on there is so-so especially the songs/cartoons about the badgers...but there is one cartoon/song that is too cute! I put the link over on the right. Its the KENYA song. Watch it, listen to it over and over, and begin to sing the KENYA SONG!!! enjoy!

The link is over on the right hand side of the blog... under the links sections, but here it is in this post, just incase you missed it

  • October 5, 2006

    Even though he isn't my kitty, Pepper went on the nature walk with me, Ceasar, and Empress.

    October 4, 2006

    Went for a nature walk with the kitties yesterday. Here Empress Tao and Ceasar pose pretty on a fallen tree.

    October 3, 2006

    Here is Pepper, pretending to ignore the fuzzy fake mousey! You all know whats about to happen next?.....

    .............Yup, you guessed it...ATTACK!!!