October 24, 2006

MeiLin and Murphy seem to be saying "Nothing to see here."

On a side note, I won't be able to update the blog till friday afternoon at the earliest. Sorry for the lack of photos till then. I'll be pet sitting my cousin's big dog, hope to get a few pics of him while I'm there.


  1. we'll miss you, but live in hope of great pix! nice to see little mei lin snuggled up with murphy. and that sink-drink shot--a hoot! thanks!

  2. that's SO SWEET! it woulda taken us lots longer ta be that furrendly wif anofur kitty we neffur met.

  3. MeiLin really wanted to be friendly alot sooner, but Murphy was more along the lines of...what is this furry little creature doing in my house? lol.