October 11, 2006

As promised, more information about the furry invader! To start off, here is a photo of her admiring her cute self in the closet door mirror.

Yes, its hard to see her blurry self. But thats cause she never sits still. Unless its nap time....

Uh oh, have awakened the petite princess! Soon it shall be time to play again!!

Ok, so lets do a little introduction... The photos of the sweet little invader are of MeiLin. She is about 5-7 months old (guessing). She has a very sad little tale to tell.

One day a wonderfully kind lady was walking her dogs on a wooded path near her home. She paused in her walk, sure that she had heard something. Yes, there was definetly a very distressed sound coming from further ahead. She walked and walked and the sound got louder...MEOW!!! She came to a little scaredy kitty! The kind lady saw that there were no homes nearby that this kitty could belong to and so she scooped her up and walked all the way back home. The little lost and scared kitty curled up quite happily in her arms the whole way back. The very kind lady fed her and then made posters, put an ad in the newspaper, and put ads on the internet. Maybe, this kitty belonged to someone and they were desperatly looking for her? But her experiences in this area were telling her, that this poor adorable kitty had most likely been dumped! Yes, DUMPED out in the woods...all alone, use to being someones loved and pampered pet...how long do you think scared kitty would have lasted if the kind lady had not come and rescued her?

How did I end up with the kitty, you might be asking? Well, as many of you know I lost my darling Rajjah a few weeks ago. I've been very heartbroken and upset. I miss her so much. As more and more time passes and she doesn't come home I am beginning to accept that she might not be coming back. I decided a few days ago, that I needed to do something productive to help animals. I called a friend of mine who lives in a town I use to live in. She fosters tons of unwanted cats and kittens. I thought, maybe she could use an extra foster home...I would feed and care for some kitties and find them new homes...and some of the burden on this nice lady would be lifted. Usually she doesn't ask, but is always happy when I volunteer. And I thought, maybe if I'm doing something good and nice...maybe my heart won't hurt so much.
So I called up my friend, only to find out that there had been a very sick kitty that had some contagious disease. The person who dumped this cat out on my friends property probably knew about the illness...but didn't care enough to take their furry friend to the vet. :( So, very sad news...alot of the kittens and nursing mothers had gotten ill. My friend is fighting a very saddening battle, and has lost alot of the kittens. She thought it best that since I have cats at home, it would not be good to bring any of the cats from her home to mine...as the disease might still be contagious.

So now I was sad for myself, my aunt (who lost her kitty to old age), and for my friend who had lost some of her fosters. I really wanted to help, but I also didn't want to just adopt another cat...because there is no way that any kitty could replace Rajjah. There might be an addition...but never a replacement.

Back to the kind lady who had picked up scaredy little kitty. She had the advertisment online that said she had found a kitty. I saw that it was a few days old...and I thought, whatever happens to these lost and found kitties if someone doesn't claim them? Do they all find new homes with their rescuers or do they go to the pound?? So rather tentatively at first, I wrote to the kind lady and asked if anyone had claimed the kitty...and I offered my home just incase no one did.
It was a good thing that I did...because the kind lady has four kitties of her own as well as a beautiful dog and really wasn't looking to permanently adopt another kitty. I'm sure she would have found a loving and wonderful home for this kitty, but how much better for me...here is a kitty that was very obviously (at some point) loved, pampered, and cared for. All the furry one wants is to be loved, to be around you always. She has a tiney cute little meow, and a very affectionate nature. So, I get to take in a cat that has had a weirdly sad start to her young life...the kind lady has room in her home to take in another lost kitty in the future, at least for a few days till owners are found...and I get to introduce you all to MeiLin, the adorable and wonderful new addition to my family.


  1. Oh how sweet! What a horrible thing to happen to the poor kitty, but now she's made it to your home where she'll be happy and loved :)

    Hopefully there's some nice person out there who will find Rajjah and post a "found" ad too. Don't give up hope!

  2. MeiLin is such a purrty kittie. Sad that someone would just toss her away. But good luck that she has found a good new home. Maybe Rajjah guided her to you.

  3. I can never give up hope for Rajjah. Though I originally had hoped fostering or adopting another sad kitty might help heal my heart, it still aches so deeply.
    Don't get me wrong, I adore MeiLin and treasure her love,trust and companionship...but a part of my family is still missing and leaves a deep void.
    Many times a day I think of Rajjah and how much I miss her. Definetly one of a kind.

  4. I saw a post on another blog about
    FIP (feline infectious peritonitis) and I think this is what my friend's kittens and cats have, that is taking so many young lives. I'm gonna research it, see if there is any thing I can do to make sure my kitties don't get it too. Especially if its in the local neighborhoods already.

  5. hello, dear bean. may we say we love you? 'cause we do. we're all ferals or dump-ees, and you have done a wonderful and loving thing, and we hasta say thank you when we sees this happen.

    most of all, our xing lu sends you gratitude from the bottom of her heart. she, too, was a pampered princess, well groomed, "fixed", and gentle. and she was zipped in a cooler bag and left at the side of a country road. so she gives you many, many sandpaper kisses for saving meilin.

    our mom & dad miss all the cats-who-have-gone-before in the most turrible way, 'cause they think pets are for life, too. we don't replace them at all; we couldn't. but more kitties need love efurry day and among kitty-beans like ours (and you), there's always plenty to pass around. thank you for sharing.

    we are still naming rajjah and you in our purrayers efurry night, and now we will add praise for meilin!!

    purrs & headbumps,

    nelson, edmund, nitro, & xing lu

    (an' we will purrray for your friend an' her fosters, too)

  6. Thanks for the kind thoughts, and I was so upset to hear what happened to Xing Lu...but so glad that you found her and saved her!