Jan. 29, 2007

The urges are over, so we don't have to worry about kittens!! I thought you might enjoy looking at kittens though, so here's a clip of some very round kittens meowing their cute little heads off.

Jan 24, 2007


I guess I should stop saying I'm gonna post the next day, cause I usually forget..lol. Anyway, just wanted to do a quick update here. MeiLin is still in heat! Its a lot less intense then it was a few days ago, but I can NOT wait to get her fixed...whew!

I tried to seperate MeiLin and CGPH as he was acting oddly around her, he would sniff her no-no area and then get this disgusted look on his face...and then smack her. She meanwhile is like, hey...your a male right? lol, poor MeiLin, he's fixed. CGPH really just wanted to play with her, but she wasn't in the mood for that. So anyway, I seperated them in different rooms. Wheeeew, what a mistake that was! Poor CGPH has very very bad seperation anxiety and starting crying and crying for HOURS, trying to figure out where she was. He didn't want to do anything with her, just wants to lay next to her and cuddle and play fight occasionally. I figured it wasn't worth the added noise to keep them seperate, though someone had an out of litterbox experience...so I did have to move them both to the garage for now. Anyway, I'm keeping an eye on their behavior...and on MeiLin's booboo. It still hasn't healed very much and I'm worried the vet won't do the spay unless she's at 100% physically.

I'm getting ready to go out of town again, and I'm debating whether to bring them both with me. This just doesn't seem like the right time to leave them alone...even though temporarly moving is a huge drama too. I'm hoping to take her to the vet which is only few miles away from my mother's house, while I'm there...but I need to keep her seperate so she doesn't eat before surgery... I definetly do not want to wait any longer then necessary as I don't want her going back into heat ever ever again!!!

Jan. 22, 2007

Another new pet? Meow, tell me it isn't so Ma!!

Ok, so its not another real live pet...lol. But MeiLin was very conserned for a minute there! I finally got my The Sims2 Pets expansion pack!! WHOOO HOOO! I didn't get it from christmas, even thought I dropped alot of hints....so I went and bought it myself. lol. Ok, I'm almost 30...prezzies aren't as plentiful as they was when I was 12. :) So anyway, now that I finally got my hearts desire...I was playing and playing and playing for hours. Teaching my new furry one commands and tricks. This pet is a female dog named Abbey. She was adopted from the sim pound, so she already knows lots of neat tricks and stuff. Course my little sim family have 5 non-furry children and only two adults, so Abbey invites over her doggie boyfriend and they shred furniture while the sim adults are taking care of the babies, toddlers and kids. Its really funny and an addictive game, especially if you don't have a very active social real life.
But best to not forget the real life furry pets...they will announce themselves loudly outside the computer room if you play too long with the sim pets!! MEOOOOWWWW!

MeiLin is still in heat, but its easing...so thats really good. I'll do an update on her and poor CGPH tomorrow.

Jan. 19, 2007

I got the urges!!

In this pic I am snuggled up with my brofur Cashmere Growlypants Hunter, but you can't see the urges that are surging thru my furry body. About 5 minutes from this picture I'm about to start some noisys you won't believe!
I heard all about this v-e-t visit and this ladygardenectomy....and I won't stand for it! I'm a yowling loud and siamese proud! My bean keeps on telling me "no, No kittens,NO!!!!!" but I's don't know exactly what shes talkn bout. I gots the urges and I gots to meet the boy kitties that are outside...I gots to get thumbs so I cans open up the doors!!!! MEEEEEOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!

Jan. 18, 2007

Can you see my owie?

When I returned from my working vacation, I saw this wound on MeiLin's head above her eye. I think that maybe she and CGPH were play fighting and got a little rough. I'm keeping an eye on it, hopefully it won't mean we have to go to the vet early. She already is getting a hint about the ladygardenectomy surgery planned for Feb. and she isn't amused.lol.

Jan 16, 2007


I made it back! It snowed during the week I was gone, but I made it back out to my house once and turned up the heat for the indoor kitties and put out fresh clean dry towels in the kitty shelter for the outdoor cats. The temp never got above freezing long enough for the snow to melt and this early morning it started raining. Now my car is parked at the end of a very very long road. Hoping that the 40 degrees will hit the shady spots enough to thaw it out later today.

Jan. 7, 2006

Quick note and a photo of me...

No picture of the furry kids, thought I'd add a photo of myself today. I do NOT normally ever wear makeup, but since I had to do an interview they wanted me to have contacts, my hair cut and styled, and wear oodles of makeup. I normally quite happily wear my glasses and my hair up in a pony tail. I'm a tomboy at heart, but what are you gonna do when someone else pays for it all?
The reason I have to be gone on monday is I'm going to LA to help a friend of mine be on the *Censored* show. Sadly its not a topic I want to really talk about on here, but if you want to see it I'll let you know the airdate. This is an official warning, it does not relate to pets in anyway and is NOT appropriate for children or teens.
I promise when I return, I'll let you know when it airs (if I know) and then we'll move on and get some photos of my kitties back on this blog.

They send their purrs and thanks you for your patience.

**This post was edited to remove the name of the show. Those who read it before know what show I said, but since I've now signed a confidentially form I can't talk about it....got to cover the bases.

Jan. 4, 2007

What do you mean your leaving again??

I can't really go into details about one potential short trip I might be making on Monday-Tuesday, as there is some confidentiality issues ect.
However, even if I don't make that trip, I will be gone till the 15th on a different trip. I hope to be able to blog occasionally while I'm gone on the longer trip, but if you don't see anything till the 15th, you'll know why.

Jan. 2, 2007

A pile of furry cuteness!

The kittys have very easily gone from barely tolerating each other to now the best of friends. They cuddle up together on my bed all the time, and its sooo cute! The best part is that I have a queen size bed and recently bought a new pillow for myself. Well, turns out that the pillow isn't quite right so it got shifted to the unused (sigh!) half of the bed. Every morning now when I wake up, I roll over and there they are curled up together on the spare pillow. You'd think I did it on purpose! Of course everytime I go grab my camera to get a snap shot of them on the bed...they are once again on my side of the bed..lol!

Jan. 1, 2007

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

As you can tell, we partied too hard this holiday season, so we are kicking back and relaxing. Now that its a new year, I have to figure out what my kitties new year's resolutions will be. Perhaps to stop waking momma up at 3am? lol

Thanks everyone for the well wishes for a happy new year and right back to you as well, just incase I don't leave a message at your blog letting you know! Your comments are one the highlights of my day. :)