Jan. 1, 2007

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

As you can tell, we partied too hard this holiday season, so we are kicking back and relaxing. Now that its a new year, I have to figure out what my kitties new year's resolutions will be. Perhaps to stop waking momma up at 3am? lol

Thanks everyone for the well wishes for a happy new year and right back to you as well, just incase I don't leave a message at your blog letting you know! Your comments are one the highlights of my day. :)


  1. Happy New Year!
    (Dairy Temptations are the best - but every flavor is excellent!)

  2. i hope you guys have a wonderful new year!! a new year's resolution to let momma sleep would be awesome.

    your kitties are adorable. i just got my second kitty yesterday and we are working on the introductions. i hope to quickly be at the kanoodling stage like meilin and mr growlypants:) i will try to blog the adventures tomorrow. i appreciate all of your kind comments on my blog too. it is always fun to see what other people think.