Jan 24, 2007


I guess I should stop saying I'm gonna post the next day, cause I usually forget..lol. Anyway, just wanted to do a quick update here. MeiLin is still in heat! Its a lot less intense then it was a few days ago, but I can NOT wait to get her fixed...whew!

I tried to seperate MeiLin and CGPH as he was acting oddly around her, he would sniff her no-no area and then get this disgusted look on his face...and then smack her. She meanwhile is like, hey...your a male right? lol, poor MeiLin, he's fixed. CGPH really just wanted to play with her, but she wasn't in the mood for that. So anyway, I seperated them in different rooms. Wheeeew, what a mistake that was! Poor CGPH has very very bad seperation anxiety and starting crying and crying for HOURS, trying to figure out where she was. He didn't want to do anything with her, just wants to lay next to her and cuddle and play fight occasionally. I figured it wasn't worth the added noise to keep them seperate, though someone had an out of litterbox experience...so I did have to move them both to the garage for now. Anyway, I'm keeping an eye on their behavior...and on MeiLin's booboo. It still hasn't healed very much and I'm worried the vet won't do the spay unless she's at 100% physically.

I'm getting ready to go out of town again, and I'm debating whether to bring them both with me. This just doesn't seem like the right time to leave them alone...even though temporarly moving is a huge drama too. I'm hoping to take her to the vet which is only few miles away from my mother's house, while I'm there...but I need to keep her seperate so she doesn't eat before surgery... I definetly do not want to wait any longer then necessary as I don't want her going back into heat ever ever again!!!


  1. Tee hee. Owr Maw and Paw call out-of-litter box experiences "OLBs". You do too!!
    Luf, Us

  2. poor little MeiLin! we hope you get your problem "fixed" soon.

  3. Poor thing! Mom went through all that with my sister Ninna, and she still remembers ... whoa!