Jan. 7, 2006

Quick note and a photo of me...

No picture of the furry kids, thought I'd add a photo of myself today. I do NOT normally ever wear makeup, but since I had to do an interview they wanted me to have contacts, my hair cut and styled, and wear oodles of makeup. I normally quite happily wear my glasses and my hair up in a pony tail. I'm a tomboy at heart, but what are you gonna do when someone else pays for it all?
The reason I have to be gone on monday is I'm going to LA to help a friend of mine be on the *Censored* show. Sadly its not a topic I want to really talk about on here, but if you want to see it I'll let you know the airdate. This is an official warning, it does not relate to pets in anyway and is NOT appropriate for children or teens.
I promise when I return, I'll let you know when it airs (if I know) and then we'll move on and get some photos of my kitties back on this blog.

They send their purrs and thanks you for your patience.

**This post was edited to remove the name of the show. Those who read it before know what show I said, but since I've now signed a confidentially form I can't talk about it....got to cover the bases.


  1. hey - you're in our neighborhood! now that we know what you look like, we'll have our Lady look for you. if you see our Lady, say hi - her name's Karen and she drives a silver car.

  2. You are sooo hot!! Wana go on a "Boston" date???

  3. You are so hot!!! Wana go on a "Boston" date??

  4. This is very mysterious - nice photo of you! (My mom doesn't like that makeup stuff anymore either!)