Jan. 22, 2007

Another new pet? Meow, tell me it isn't so Ma!!

Ok, so its not another real live pet...lol. But MeiLin was very conserned for a minute there! I finally got my The Sims2 Pets expansion pack!! WHOOO HOOO! I didn't get it from christmas, even thought I dropped alot of hints....so I went and bought it myself. lol. Ok, I'm almost 30...prezzies aren't as plentiful as they was when I was 12. :) So anyway, now that I finally got my hearts desire...I was playing and playing and playing for hours. Teaching my new furry one commands and tricks. This pet is a female dog named Abbey. She was adopted from the sim pound, so she already knows lots of neat tricks and stuff. Course my little sim family have 5 non-furry children and only two adults, so Abbey invites over her doggie boyfriend and they shred furniture while the sim adults are taking care of the babies, toddlers and kids. Its really funny and an addictive game, especially if you don't have a very active social real life.
But best to not forget the real life furry pets...they will announce themselves loudly outside the computer room if you play too long with the sim pets!! MEOOOOWWWW!

MeiLin is still in heat, but its easing...so thats really good. I'll do an update on her and poor CGPH tomorrow.


  1. wow - that looks like a cool game. our people haven't played that. it does sound addictive. can you play it with one hand and pet a kitty with the other?

  2. Fanks fur bisitin owr bloggie. We ad u to owr roll. We likes da name of yur bloggie. Maw agrees. Pets Are 4 Life. Dat's why we all here!
    Luf, Us

  3. I think you can play it with one hand, but the kittes my try to swat the different on screenpets!