August 27, 2007


Momma forgot to tell ewes all on fridays that she would be gone for a week. She will return on the 3rd or 4th and I will hafs a special post. She plans on stopping in at home on Tuesday and Friday, to clean our litterboxes and maybe even bring us another new one, litterbox, not kitty! Momma says I hafs to practices my spellings cause fridays post was just awful grammers and spellings. Sigh. I will try and then I will be back when she gets home agains.

August 24, 2007

This is me on my first day here

And this is me today!

I told momma to take a photo of me todays, so ewe could see how growed up I is getting. If ewe looks real careful on my first day heres, ewe can see my face markings are barely even there! Ewes can see the white patch on my cheek and chin, but the rests has been getting darker as I gets older. I still has the teeny tiny kink in my tail, but I fink as my tail gets longer I might out grown the kink? Momma doesn't know, so shes nose help to mes today. Have a happy weekend and stay safes all you beans and critters, sees ewe on moonday.

A flower for friday enjoyment....

August 22, 2007

A trio of kitties.

Momma almost forgot what day it was, she wasn't gonna let me into the computer room so I could do my blogging!

Well, as you can tell from this photo my new sister and I are doing ok. Hunter is as always, just relaxing and not careing who moves into our house. Sigh! Momma thinks that the little intruder might be my actual biological sister? She says that the people who she got me from had 5-6 kittens and 2 others where like me and a couple were black or maybe black and white. I'm not sure...I was pretty little. Either way, I certainly do not remember intruder girl.

Momma says I need to stop calling her "the intruder" and start calling her by her name, Belle. But I thinks thats a fru-fru name. I like Hissy-Face or Intruder much better. Or I could call her Nutty the intruder girl...oh fine mom, Belle is her name...geesh.

Anyway, Belle is a real nutty girl. When the red dot maker comes out to play, Hunter goes afters it like he's gonna catch and put the bitey on the dot. He runs over any kitty or thing in his path too! I only like to play with it if Hunter isn't chasing it. He goes flat out like a herd of elephants! Serious! You can hear him running up and down the hallway even ifs you is outside! I likes to watch the red dot, and slowly gets ready to pounce when it gets close enough. Hunter barrels around after it, over every inch of the house. Now, Belle, is just like Hunter! She goes all nutty and its really funnys to watch her. She just goes flat outs and trys so hard to catch that dot. Its kinda sad, buts none of us has ever caughts the red dot. Whats up with that? Is it a magic dot??? I demand the right to pounce and catchs it and put the bitey on it!!

August 20, 2007

Big Brother is a great comfort.

Not sure if I've run this picture before, but I love it cause they look so cute together! This is from the first week or so when Napoleon joined our family.

Well, lots is happening here. The girl intruder is making her presence felt. She stinkies up the potty room alot, cause some reason she doesn't bury....ewwww!!!! Wes gots to teach that girl!
Momma is getting crushed now at bedtimes. I can't waits till we is all full grown. Theres no way shes gonna be able to move then! Momma sleeps on her side, and when we all hears her going to bed, we thunder down the hall way and jumps on top! Hunter likes to curl up on her hip, and I likes to curl up on her shoulder sos I can stuff my nose in her ear and purrrrrr real louds! Girl intruder hasn't found her spot yets. But she mainly shoves herself right up near Momma's face and smooshed down next to the teddy bear. The intruder purrs real loud, and I is purring real loud and Momma can'ts get to sleep...hehehe. We probably spend about 20 minutes getting all our purrs in before we finally drop off to sleep...course thats about the time momma gets uncomfortable and tryings to roll over. Well then we has to get woked up and we all have to rearranges our selves. And wake up time is a repeat...its so much fun when Momma sleeps at home!

August 18, 2007

Momma wanted to share this site with you all, cause its got a picture of a kitty that looks alot like me, and has my same name!!!!

August 17, 2007

A blurry photo

Momma came home briefly to clean the litterboxes, whooo glad she did!! With the new intruder here, its a stinky place in just 2 days! Momma uploaded a blurry photo, but wanted to snap a quick one to show me and the intruder are getting along just fine now. After I stopped hissing at her, she stopped hissing at me...and well Hunter just never cared either way. He's a real push over, which is I guess is good for me, cause I was the invader a few months ago, lol. Anyway,this female intruder is gonna get a name real soon, momma seems dead set on keeping hers or at least keeping her till she finds her a good forever home, so no more of the little intruder being outside. She even broughts flea stuff home on her special stop over. Now we all stink, but at least the fleas should be deads when momma comes home on Sunday. The girly is a real sly one, everytime Momma comes home or near her or anything...the intruder runs up to her meowing and beggin to be petted and cuddled. Momma is making sure to spread the loves around, but I'm keeping my eye on this tuxie girly intruder.

August 15, 2007


My mini-meezer rule: Sleep during the day often so you have enough energy to play kitty-sprints-across-momma at 3 am.

This is momma's Blog Anniversery! Here is the link to her very first post!

The momma lady is stealing most of the the blog today.

Alot has changed since I first started blogging. Of the pets I had last year, Empress Tao and Ceasar are the only ones who are still with me. I've had Empress Tao for 4 years now, and Ceasar for 3.

Cody, the pomeranian, found a forever home but then ran away twice. The first time his family was able to get him back after a visit to the humane shelter but the second time could not find him despite searching for an extensive time.

Rajjah, was born and raised here. But due to an evil neighbors dog was lost in the woods and never returned.

MeiLin hurt her leg very badly and desperately needed very expensive surgery. I wasn't able to pay for it and was considering putting her to sleep to end her suffering. At the last possible minute, the vet arrainged for MeiLin to get the surgery...but I had to agree to sign her over. It was a difficult time for me, but I knew that I would rather MeiLin have life, even if I could no longer be a part of it. She made it through surgery and got a new forever home. I miss her very much and look back at my photos of her. It seems very surprising to me that she was with me for less then a year as she had made such a huge impact on my heart.

MeiLin's companion, Cashmere Hunter Growlypants, is still with me and is adjusting to life with his new little brother Napoleon. Both of my boys are concerned about my intentions to open my home to a new invader. I have a big heart when it comes to pets, and if I won the lottery I would build a house with a ton of rooms so I could adopt all the kitties in need. But for now, I have to really look at the financial impact of adding another kitty. For sure Napoleon needs his shots and his upcoming neuter. A girl kitty's operation always costs more, and she would have to have her shots too I'm sure. 5 kitties isn't too many, right?

I, Napoleon, am taking back this bloggie right now!
I think 5 kitties is too many!! Momma let the intruder back in the house again. She is a pretty girl, but I hiss at her alot especially when I see MY momma cuddling her. Last year momma thought having 4 kitties would be financially hard, but she got over that when she got her little raise. I'm trying to tell her that the green papers aren't endless, but she don't listen. I still want a kitty hammock, waaaaaay more then I wants an annoying little hissy sister.

Momma has to go away again till sunday, but says she might post something while she is away, of the kittens that live at Grandma's and Great's house. Those kittens are not coming home with her, I hope.

August 13, 2007

Who is this??

I could nots believe my eyes! Momma let another kitty into our house?? Who is this little tuxie girl and why is she on MY bed?? I growled and hissed alot! Hunter didn't seem to mind that there was an intruder! I can't believe how easy going he is. Geesh! Thats why I is in charge of this place. I rule the house and momma better not forget! Momma said maybe in a year I would get a sister...I knows that she said that. But right now? I don't know about that!
Momma says someone lost this girl kitty. I says good, let her stay lost! I do not want a sister yet, she will steal the best sleeping spots and she purrs too loudly. Momma says, she put an ad on craigslist and will see if anyone claims her. Right now this kitty is an outdoor kitty, she is hanging around and if no one calls to say this is theirs, momma thinks she is gonna bring her inside with us. Ummmm,momma, you knows I adore you...but I also rule this house with an iron paw. I makes the rules, and I'm makings the rule of no girl kitties allowed!!

August 10, 2007

Feeling Fine Feline Friday

Momma had to drag the rug sucking monster out today, so she put her pretty rug on the back of the chair. My brother, Hunter, thought that it was a perfect addition to his favorite perch. He was not very happy when momma put it back on the floor. But at the moment of this pic, he was definetly feeling fine.

Thanks to all who helped me with my upcoming anxiety about the hoo haa ectomy. I don't know about this "vet" person who makes momma bring you to him in a personal prison box. I think he's got some evil mastermind plan. I shall have to plot and plan about this alot as I still have 2 more months. I am enjoying my manly bits while I have them, even if there isn't any lady cats in the house to enjoy them with.

August 8, 2007

Wacky Wednesday

This is Kittens, yeah thats his The relationship is kinda of hard to figures out but I'll try to explains it. My momma had a brother, he had a daughter who is named Tehya. She is 10, I thinks. Tehya loves animals and her first word was "kiki". We thinks that meant kitty. Anyway, Tehya's mom is going through a tough time right now and so Tehya is living with her other aunty and Kittens is living with Grandma and Great. So Kittens is related to us somehows, but me and Hunter is too confused to figure it outs.
The reason he is named Kittens? Well, when his momma Tehya picked him out he was just a kitten. And she was only 5 years she just kept calling him Kittens, and thats how he gots his name. My momma and Grandma helped pay for him to gets his shots and his hoo haa ectomy. I'm sure Kittens was wishing they wasn't quite so

Momma says I gots to get one of them 'perations soon. I don't want a hoo haa ectomy. I'm pretty sure I know what that means, and I'm pretty sure thats I am attached to my little manly bits. I think momma says 2 more months. Maybe she'll get oldtimers and forgets?? I have to go and lick my little manly bits now to reassure myself they is still with you all on friday!!

August 6, 2007

I'm ready for my close up!!

Momma came back from her trip. She is exhausted as the plane trip was suppose to be over at 1 pm, but she got a call in the early morning telling her that her mother's plane wasn't coming in till 6pm. Which meant a much later coming home time. We was not amused by this. She only came out twice to pet us the whole time she was gone on her trip. We did get our way though...she bought batteries for the red dot maker!! Now we can run up and down the hallways like a thundering herd of kitties!! And when she is reluctant to play that game with us, we happen to knows where she keeps the red dot maker and we sit below it and meow, alot!
My brother, Hunter, may not be a real meezer, but he's getting the attitude just right with a little help from me! hehehe. Soon momma will sleep and we shall creep into the bedroom to resume our second favorite pasttime....sprinting across momma. It should be an olympic game!!

August 3, 2007

This is Kittens

This is Murphy

They are my mom's cats. They have been keeping me company while I take care of my grandmother at my mother's house. I have been able to stop in 2 times to change litterboxes and refill waterdishes. My kitties may have something to say when I get