August 20, 2007

Big Brother is a great comfort.

Not sure if I've run this picture before, but I love it cause they look so cute together! This is from the first week or so when Napoleon joined our family.

Well, lots is happening here. The girl intruder is making her presence felt. She stinkies up the potty room alot, cause some reason she doesn't bury....ewwww!!!! Wes gots to teach that girl!
Momma is getting crushed now at bedtimes. I can't waits till we is all full grown. Theres no way shes gonna be able to move then! Momma sleeps on her side, and when we all hears her going to bed, we thunder down the hall way and jumps on top! Hunter likes to curl up on her hip, and I likes to curl up on her shoulder sos I can stuff my nose in her ear and purrrrrr real louds! Girl intruder hasn't found her spot yets. But she mainly shoves herself right up near Momma's face and smooshed down next to the teddy bear. The intruder purrs real loud, and I is purring real loud and Momma can'ts get to sleep...hehehe. We probably spend about 20 minutes getting all our purrs in before we finally drop off to sleep...course thats about the time momma gets uncomfortable and tryings to roll over. Well then we has to get woked up and we all have to rearranges our selves. And wake up time is a repeat...its so much fun when Momma sleeps at home!


  1. You know what? I did run this picture, and not even that long ago! lol. On july 2, oh well!

  2. still very cute!!! so, the intruder seems to be settling ok...

  3. Grr sleeps on the Blonde Girl and Cocoa sleeps on the Lady. I prefer to go from person to person. I wake them up by clawing them till they pet me, then I lay on their legs. After about an hour I go find someone else. The Quiet Girl usually sleeps through my visits and the Allergic Girl doesn't seem too happy that I wake her up, but I do it anyway. We think it must be really cute seeing all 3 of you pile on your mom.