August 22, 2007

A trio of kitties.

Momma almost forgot what day it was, she wasn't gonna let me into the computer room so I could do my blogging!

Well, as you can tell from this photo my new sister and I are doing ok. Hunter is as always, just relaxing and not careing who moves into our house. Sigh! Momma thinks that the little intruder might be my actual biological sister? She says that the people who she got me from had 5-6 kittens and 2 others where like me and a couple were black or maybe black and white. I'm not sure...I was pretty little. Either way, I certainly do not remember intruder girl.

Momma says I need to stop calling her "the intruder" and start calling her by her name, Belle. But I thinks thats a fru-fru name. I like Hissy-Face or Intruder much better. Or I could call her Nutty the intruder girl...oh fine mom, Belle is her name...geesh.

Anyway, Belle is a real nutty girl. When the red dot maker comes out to play, Hunter goes afters it like he's gonna catch and put the bitey on the dot. He runs over any kitty or thing in his path too! I only like to play with it if Hunter isn't chasing it. He goes flat out like a herd of elephants! Serious! You can hear him running up and down the hallway even ifs you is outside! I likes to watch the red dot, and slowly gets ready to pounce when it gets close enough. Hunter barrels around after it, over every inch of the house. Now, Belle, is just like Hunter! She goes all nutty and its really funnys to watch her. She just goes flat outs and trys so hard to catch that dot. Its kinda sad, buts none of us has ever caughts the red dot. Whats up with that? Is it a magic dot??? I demand the right to pounce and catchs it and put the bitey on it!!


  1. What a kyoot trio! We likes the red dot too. Sept wen we catches it, there's nuttin der!

    Luf, Us

  2. we haven't ever caught ours either, and I really really really want it. we're glad the 3 of you are getting along. Belle is a very purrty name!

  3. I've never even seen a red dot - am I missing out on something? These beans of mine are falling down on the job!

  4. We like the red dot too, but we are too old to trample eachother. sometimes we pretend we can't see it.

    Happy day

  5. The red dot rocks!! I just wait until the other two are done being idiots and then I go after it myself. I'm sure she'll be more of a Belle to you soon. It took me a while to like Kaze.


  6. my mom says that is such a sweet picture - all the kitties look so innocent!

  7. THE RED DOT!!! I love tha red dot! I dunno what it is and I can nefur catch it, efun when it seems like I oughta! But it sure is fun.

    That's a great pickshure of youkitties all in the same frame!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  8. Who are these people? Do they REALLY "know" these little kitties? I'm practicially their aunt!!! Leave my babies alone!!! They are precious to me!!