August 8, 2007

Wacky Wednesday

This is Kittens, yeah thats his The relationship is kinda of hard to figures out but I'll try to explains it. My momma had a brother, he had a daughter who is named Tehya. She is 10, I thinks. Tehya loves animals and her first word was "kiki". We thinks that meant kitty. Anyway, Tehya's mom is going through a tough time right now and so Tehya is living with her other aunty and Kittens is living with Grandma and Great. So Kittens is related to us somehows, but me and Hunter is too confused to figure it outs.
The reason he is named Kittens? Well, when his momma Tehya picked him out he was just a kitten. And she was only 5 years she just kept calling him Kittens, and thats how he gots his name. My momma and Grandma helped pay for him to gets his shots and his hoo haa ectomy. I'm sure Kittens was wishing they wasn't quite so

Momma says I gots to get one of them 'perations soon. I don't want a hoo haa ectomy. I'm pretty sure I know what that means, and I'm pretty sure thats I am attached to my little manly bits. I think momma says 2 more months. Maybe she'll get oldtimers and forgets?? I have to go and lick my little manly bits now to reassure myself they is still with you all on friday!!


  1. oh nooooo a hoo ha hectomy is a terrible tragic loss, no matter what the humans say. Honestly, don't let them do it. Thats all I am saying. x

  2. Try not to worry about the hoo-ha thing, it doens't really hurt much and it goes away easily. I think its better without them.


  3. I'm coming down somewhere in the middle - I don't really remember mine being taken away, but I'm told they were.

  4. Having been a Stud cat I certainly remember having my hoo haa intact and so do a few nice lady cats! ;) Though to be honest I'm a much happier boy since I had the op and came to live with Mummy... :) Having a good Mummy is much better than anything else going - honest! :)