August 10, 2007

Feeling Fine Feline Friday

Momma had to drag the rug sucking monster out today, so she put her pretty rug on the back of the chair. My brother, Hunter, thought that it was a perfect addition to his favorite perch. He was not very happy when momma put it back on the floor. But at the moment of this pic, he was definetly feeling fine.

Thanks to all who helped me with my upcoming anxiety about the hoo haa ectomy. I don't know about this "vet" person who makes momma bring you to him in a personal prison box. I think he's got some evil mastermind plan. I shall have to plot and plan about this alot as I still have 2 more months. I am enjoying my manly bits while I have them, even if there isn't any lady cats in the house to enjoy them with.


  1. Hi, Napoleon! Sendin' you good thoughts fur your hoo-haectomy! I lost my nuts back in Febyooary and after I lost 'em I ran around all ofur the housie, lookin' fur 'em. I thought maybe they'd been nabbed by a nut bandit, then I realized I must have left 'em at the vet's.

    And ya know what, now I don't efun miss 'em, hehehe!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  2. Dear Hunter and Napoleon,
    I can simply not believe that no one would accept the friendship of such wonderful cats as you are!
    Can I help? Maybe you can ask some of the dogs who accepted to be nomss friends if they know of some other dogs who would be willing to do this? Dobby Socks, Bean the pitbull, Jackson, Moe, Sparky, Cairo, Kelso, Lucas, Chester - those are just a few of the dogs who accepted nomss friends offers - maybe they can help?
    If push comes to shove I know FOR SURE that our tenant Dicky Duck would accept.....
    Your friend Karl

  3. We love the picture of Kittens below. What a cutie.

    Our mommie used the rug sucking machine SO MUCH that we are completely used to it... and we know and trust that she will never vacuum us. Sometimes she sings to us while she is using that LOUD machine.

    The surgery is a picnic.

    Purrrs and headbutts

  4. Hunter does look happy (if a little cautious about the rug sucking monster) on that pretty rug.

    Enjoy your manly bits all you can!!!

  5. hey handsome kitty!! Rugs are fun for laying on and scratching x

  6. I've been told you won't notice they're even missing once they're gone so don't worry too much. FAZ

  7. You have my deepest empathy! They took mine away while I was still in the shelter and I did not like it at all!

    But I don't really miss them. I think it is different if the victim is older, though. Hope yer still a young guy!


  8. She should have left that rug on the chair for you to enjoy!! Don't worry about the manly bits. You won't even notice they're gone...

    Luf, Us

  9. thanks for coming by my are both handsome creatures! don't worry bout the up-coming chop-op, my bro had his done when he was a youngster and he turned into a very sweet and loving boy...without getting his lipstick out!!!!

  10. thanks for reading my blog :)

    Lol the prison box! I howl everytime i see the that box! mummy had to buy a bigger one with two doors as it was impossible to get me in it!