August 15, 2007


My mini-meezer rule: Sleep during the day often so you have enough energy to play kitty-sprints-across-momma at 3 am.

This is momma's Blog Anniversery! Here is the link to her very first post!

The momma lady is stealing most of the the blog today.

Alot has changed since I first started blogging. Of the pets I had last year, Empress Tao and Ceasar are the only ones who are still with me. I've had Empress Tao for 4 years now, and Ceasar for 3.

Cody, the pomeranian, found a forever home but then ran away twice. The first time his family was able to get him back after a visit to the humane shelter but the second time could not find him despite searching for an extensive time.

Rajjah, was born and raised here. But due to an evil neighbors dog was lost in the woods and never returned.

MeiLin hurt her leg very badly and desperately needed very expensive surgery. I wasn't able to pay for it and was considering putting her to sleep to end her suffering. At the last possible minute, the vet arrainged for MeiLin to get the surgery...but I had to agree to sign her over. It was a difficult time for me, but I knew that I would rather MeiLin have life, even if I could no longer be a part of it. She made it through surgery and got a new forever home. I miss her very much and look back at my photos of her. It seems very surprising to me that she was with me for less then a year as she had made such a huge impact on my heart.

MeiLin's companion, Cashmere Hunter Growlypants, is still with me and is adjusting to life with his new little brother Napoleon. Both of my boys are concerned about my intentions to open my home to a new invader. I have a big heart when it comes to pets, and if I won the lottery I would build a house with a ton of rooms so I could adopt all the kitties in need. But for now, I have to really look at the financial impact of adding another kitty. For sure Napoleon needs his shots and his upcoming neuter. A girl kitty's operation always costs more, and she would have to have her shots too I'm sure. 5 kitties isn't too many, right?

I, Napoleon, am taking back this bloggie right now!
I think 5 kitties is too many!! Momma let the intruder back in the house again. She is a pretty girl, but I hiss at her alot especially when I see MY momma cuddling her. Last year momma thought having 4 kitties would be financially hard, but she got over that when she got her little raise. I'm trying to tell her that the green papers aren't endless, but she don't listen. I still want a kitty hammock, waaaaaay more then I wants an annoying little hissy sister.

Momma has to go away again till sunday, but says she might post something while she is away, of the kittens that live at Grandma's and Great's house. Those kittens are not coming home with her, I hope.


  1. hehehe, I hear ya on hissy sisturs -- though my sistur Dorydoo are gettin' along bettur, she still hisses at me sometimes. I think she hisses just to hear herself hiss!

    And that's a superduper Mini-Meezer rule and what an adorable Mini-Meezer!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  2. Happy Blogoversary! That new little girl kitty sure is cute. Maybe she'll stop hissing and be fun to play with. We don't think 5 is too many...

  3. Happy Blogaversary!
    Your Meowmie sounds like a lovely lady!

  4. Do you get to see MeiLin? Or at least get an occasional picture?

    There really was no choice, but it really must have been hard losing her like that.