August 6, 2007

I'm ready for my close up!!

Momma came back from her trip. She is exhausted as the plane trip was suppose to be over at 1 pm, but she got a call in the early morning telling her that her mother's plane wasn't coming in till 6pm. Which meant a much later coming home time. We was not amused by this. She only came out twice to pet us the whole time she was gone on her trip. We did get our way though...she bought batteries for the red dot maker!! Now we can run up and down the hallways like a thundering herd of kitties!! And when she is reluctant to play that game with us, we happen to knows where she keeps the red dot maker and we sit below it and meow, alot!
My brother, Hunter, may not be a real meezer, but he's getting the attitude just right with a little help from me! hehehe. Soon momma will sleep and we shall creep into the bedroom to resume our second favorite pasttime....sprinting across momma. It should be an olympic game!!


  1. Hahahaha, you kitties!
    I think I double dare you, Hunter!
    Just sneak back into that computer room and get your nomss friend!
    Don't let your Mom run your life!
    Anastasia and Yao-Lin have some nice tricks to get the slaves going the way you want them to!

  2. hehe herd of thundering kitties is fun! xx I second what the cat realm said - there is more than one way to train a human! x

  3. You guys keep working at that training... it takes patience and perseverence.
    We love the red dot too.

    Happy Day

    Purrrrs, Princess