August 13, 2007

Who is this??

I could nots believe my eyes! Momma let another kitty into our house?? Who is this little tuxie girl and why is she on MY bed?? I growled and hissed alot! Hunter didn't seem to mind that there was an intruder! I can't believe how easy going he is. Geesh! Thats why I is in charge of this place. I rule the house and momma better not forget! Momma said maybe in a year I would get a sister...I knows that she said that. But right now? I don't know about that!
Momma says someone lost this girl kitty. I says good, let her stay lost! I do not want a sister yet, she will steal the best sleeping spots and she purrs too loudly. Momma says, she put an ad on craigslist and will see if anyone claims her. Right now this kitty is an outdoor kitty, she is hanging around and if no one calls to say this is theirs, momma thinks she is gonna bring her inside with us. Ummmm,momma, you knows I adore you...but I also rule this house with an iron paw. I makes the rules, and I'm makings the rule of no girl kitties allowed!!


  1. Awww but she's so cute.Thanks for visiting my blog I love making new friends I hope you visit again :)

  2. Oh but but but... she is very cute!

  3. Awwww, she's a cute little gurl kitty! I think it would be wunnerful if she had a fureffur home with you.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  4. she is so cute though! she may make a wonderful sister who does your beck and call!

  5. We keep saying "no more cats" too, but it doesn't work. That little girl needs a home. Maybe you can let her in?

    Luf, Us

  6. She looks like she needs a good friend, though - look at those begging eyes!

  7. Oh, but she's CUTE!
    And she's a Tuxie!
    And she's a girl like me.