Jan. 2, 2007

A pile of furry cuteness!

The kittys have very easily gone from barely tolerating each other to now the best of friends. They cuddle up together on my bed all the time, and its sooo cute! The best part is that I have a queen size bed and recently bought a new pillow for myself. Well, turns out that the pillow isn't quite right so it got shifted to the unused (sigh!) half of the bed. Every morning now when I wake up, I roll over and there they are curled up together on the spare pillow. You'd think I did it on purpose! Of course everytime I go grab my camera to get a snap shot of them on the bed...they are once again on my side of the bed..lol!


  1. if anyone can hear the new music, let me know. I cant hear it, even though the player is there....wondering if the issue is blogger or my computer. Thanks in advance!

  2. Never mind, takes a bit to get the hang of html code and javascript embeding...don't know if I'll ever figure it all out. Course, would be easier if I quit trying to tweak the codes to make something better when it works fine the way it is! lol. anyway, enjoy the new song for January.

  3. I like your song choices.

    Also, I am glad you are blogging -- I would share pet pics with you but due to my living situation for the forseeable near future, I am petless! =( So I am very glad you share your pics-- I love cats and it's so fun to see the pictures of all the crazy things cats like to do!

    Very nice that your kitties are getting along now -- and so cute, too!

    Happy New Year!

  4. those little cuddlers are so adorable!

  5. Awwww they look gorgeous cuddling together.