October 14, 2006

The first day at my mothers home went well. MeiLin sniffed around the whole house and explored everywhere.

The trouble started the next morning. My grandmother woke up before me, so she went out to get the newspaper. Murphy (my mom's cat) is allowed to go in and out whenever he wants. MeiLin is NOT allowed to go outside. Grandmother has Alzheimers and can't always distinguish between different people or cats. So, long story short...she let MeiLin out. I wasn't dressed yet, so I threw on my old clothes from the day before...messy hair, no shower...and ran outside frantically calling for MeiLin. I went to the end of the street and called and called. She was no where in sight. I'm not ashamed to admit I starting bawling. Tears streaming down my face I called and called for her, I decided to head back up to the house.

Get dressed properly and get shoes on so I could start a systematic search of the neighborhood. I knew she had only been gone 5 minutes, so she couldn't be too far. She would be lost and have no idea that this place was our temporary home and she should come back here. I was crying and so frantic. I came back up to the house, and out of the rosebushes and rhodedendroms out comes this adorable precious MeiLin. I scooped her up and brought her back in the house. WHEW!!!!!!! Thank goodness. Though my whole saga only lasted 5 minutes or so, but it felt like a lifetime and I just couldn't go through that again. Today we are going to go to the pet store and get her a proper collar and nametag with my name and number on it, just to be on the safe side.


  1. Don't scare your beans that way MeiLin. It is nice, stay inside.

  2. o, Heather, bet u was scared. so glad it turned out okay.

    u'll haf ta keeps little MeiLin away from yours grandmommie ta protects hers from gettin out again.

  3. you could microchip her too, just in case. no more runnin out, okay MeiLin?

  4. I thought about that. I should do it all at the same vet visit, She has to go get checked to see if she is spayed or not. And if she isn't then she's gonna be.