October 17, 2006

Murphy eating his stinky goodness. Yummy for his tummy!

Do you know that MeiLin refuses to eat stinky goodness food? Isn't that the oddest thing? She will sniff it and look at it, but she doesn't eat it. Until today, I came around the corner and saw her nibbling on some of Murphy's food. AhHA! I knew it, no kitty can resist the stinky goodness!! She just had to take her time about it. Poor Murphy isn't sure about sharing his food, cause he's so old he hasn't gotten any teeth anymore...but as long as he gets a full bowl, I guess he won't miss a mouthful here and there. :)

1 comment:

  1. mmmmmmm...yup - can't resist it! 'specially Sheba - any flavor. an then there's Temptations....