October 3, 2006

Here is Pepper, pretending to ignore the fuzzy fake mousey! You all know whats about to happen next?.....

.............Yup, you guessed it...ATTACK!!!


  1. well, ya can't ignore a real live fake fuzzy mousie fur long!

  2. o, Pepper, did tha mousie trys to sneak up on u? hopes ya put tha bitey on him.

    mine mommie said efurryone is hafing a Prayer Circle for Rajjah tomorrow night at House of the Most Black Cats. It starts at 9pm EASTERN time. There is a link with details on the Pet Prayer & Praise blog. We holded one of these fur Luna 'bout a week 'fore she wuz founded. Email any of us if u needs more info.

    i's still purrraying efurry night for sweet Rajjah.

  3. Yup, the mousey totally had it coming too! Trying to sneak up on poor defenseless Pepper!

    Thanks for telling me about the prayer circle, I'll try to make it tomorrow. Thanks in advance for the prayers...just incase I don't make it.