Sept. 30, 2006

My mother bought me a seat cushion for my outside chair, guess who gets to use it? Here's a hint, its not

First her royal Highness, Empress gets the comfy spot....

Then she is dethroned and Ceasar takes his rightful place as king of the chair.

Last and not least, the young upstart Pepper take over as a very sleepy ruler.


  1. Hi, just checking back again. Empress and Caesar are your cats, right and Pepper is the neighbors cat?

    Was Pepper one of the cats chased up in a tree?

    We are having the Prayer Circle for Rajjah on Wednesday evening, decided to change the locaton to Hot(m)BC, but KC and Missy will be co-hosting. We had one of those for Luna about a week before she was found. Lots of powerful kitty and people prayer power.

    Your new cushion is pretty. Think you'll ever get to use it? ha-ha

  2. Yes, Empress and Caesar are mine. Pepper is the neighbors, though I feed him everyday and he stays over here almost 24/7.
    Pepper never ran up a tree, thankfully.
    I don't know if I'll ever get to use the chair again, now that it has a nice comfy cushion on it! :)
    Thanks for the prayers.

  3. Well, you can always do what I do in this case. Pick up the cat, sit down, and put the cat in your lap.


  4. No, no one else gets a turn till I do! lol....oh, can have a turn too. I love having kitty fur all over my furniture, reminds me I have fuzzybutts. :)