Sept 27, 2006

Went to visit with my mother and grandmother today. Took a pic of Grandma with Murphy. Murphy is a senior citizen kitty, if you look back in last month's postings, I wrote about how my mother came to adopt him.

Murphy spends most of his time curled up with Grandma, sleeping with her if she lets him. She says she isn't a pet person....but she is. lol.


  1. What a cute picture. Don't they look comfey together.

    That blanket or shawl behind them looks nice, too. Love the colors

  2. maybe she isn't a "pet person", maybe she's just a "Murphy person"

  3. I'm just checking back to see if there are any updates.

    Keep expecting good news just any hour now.

    And it's always nice to see Murphy and Grandma so comfy.