Sept 20, 2006

This is a pic from the second day I went looking in the woods for Rajjah. Empress is my very faithful kitty and loves to go on walks with me. We walked a couple of miles up and down hills and through thick brush and she kept right up with me. I think my other kitties know how upset I am. They haven't been lap kitties except when it suits them. Rajjah always wanted to be in my lap...they know I miss that. Empress jumped in my lap the last few days and snuggled and gave me kitty kisses. Ceasar even jumped in my lap and he is a strictly look-no touch kitty. Once in a while he will rub against my leg...but once he got to be a grown up, he didn't want to snuggle.

I had hoped that one of the posters I made would work, maybe someone was keeping her...but when I went to look again yesterday night, they were all disinigrated because of the rain. I got home at 10:30 instead of midnight, so I went out looking again in the neighborhoods...not in the woods. I hope to have a good update, but mostly I'm sighing deeply alot. Holding back the tears is getting harder.
I pray that maybe someone took her in and is loving her...thats the best hope I can have. Cause otherwise, she is out in the woods so far away that I can't find her, crying and soaking wet and all alone. No, I would much rather lose her to another family then to lose her in the woods.


  1. oh no - you still haven't found the pretty girl yet?

  2. no, my poor darling is still missing. Every once in a while I turn around and expect that she'll be there. Its so sad.