Sept 22, 2006

My friend came to visit on Wednesday to cheer me up, and she brought many kitty toys to cheer up my darlings. Here is a pic of the basket of toys.

Here is a close up of some of the wonderful furry and feathery things.

There is sadly still no news of my darling Rajjah. I've fostered easily over a hundred cats and kittens, so I always could pick one if I really truly wanted one. They were all so adorable and cuddly, but there was only 2 out of all those that touched a special part of my heart that said, no matter what I could not part with them. They were special in a way that is indescribable. Ceasar and Rajjah are the two special fostered kitties that stayed. Empress Tao was a rescue and she didn't have any other place to go. She bonded with me and is very loyal and special in her own way, but its hard to explain...there wasn't the same deeper connection with her as with Rajjah. I adore all my kitties in their own different and unique ways, but I've never felt the loss of one of my own as I do with Rajjah. I've had kitties that I eventually adopted out after having them for a year or more, and sadly I've even had a few cats pass away...but I haven't felt the deprivation of that companionship as I have with the loss of my specialness Rajjah. There are no words to cover the enormous empty place she has left. There can never be another as wonderful and special as her. I still pray that there is some slim chance that she can come back to me, but the reality of days with no sign or hint of her breaks my heart.
Thank you one and all for your kind comments and please keep me and my kitties in your prayers.


  1. we're all 'cited seein those great toys, but sad 'bout little Rajjah. our Lady's just sad. her eyes are leaking again.

  2. Such sweet things you said about the bond between you and Rajjah, it made me start crying. You and all yours are in my prayers, please keep us updated and announce soon that Rajjah is home and safe.

  3. Great news -- Luna has come home.

    She has been missing near 6 weeks and was found today.

    We will keep praying for little Rajjah...and you keep putting up the posters, that's how Luna was located.