Sept 14, 2006

The promised tale of Murphy's owners return. My neice and her mother were living with my mother and they have an orange kitty name Kittens, yup thats his name! Anyway, he and Murphy are both orange...but do NOT look at all alike, way different and very distinct markings plus the huge age and size difference. Anyway, one day the "owner" of Murphy who was away at college (I guess?) comes back and decides after all these years of neglect that he wants to take Murphy. So he drives up to the house grabs Kittens and leaves, orange male cat that is only a year old...looks just like a 7 year old (at that time) orange male cat, so he mixed them up. He didn't even know what his own cat looked like?? He keeps Kittens for a whole week before he figures that this is not his cat and drives back and dumps Kittens off at my mother's house saying "oops, my mistake". Poor Kittens was traumatised and my neice had been devistated, thinking Kittens had run away or been hit by a car. Thankfully Kittens calmed down and settled back into the good life with lots of lovings from his real beans. Murphy never knew what a close call he had, and to this day still lives the life of luxury at my mother's home.

Maybe someday I can go over to my neices house and snap a photo of Kittens and do a side-by-side photo compare of Murphy and Kittens so you can see the differences. Murphy has this distinct black markings on his lips...very unique, doesn't show up too well in photos but I can try to get a better shot next time I'm in town.


  1. Poor Kittens! What an awful man! Hope he never has any more pets!!!

  2. Well, more we have to blame his parents who never taught him proper pet care. They have 2 cats, and 2 weiner dogs that bark nonstop and are left in the garage during the day. Its really bad for the pups. :(