Sept. 12, 2006

This is Murphy, my mother's cat. Though she hadn't planned on having a kitty, she ended up taking in Murphy. He once belonged to the neighbors at the end of the cul-de-sac where she lives. They never paid much attention to him, and didn't love on him enough. He use to spend most of the day in our backyard, and he seemed so grateful for a few pats and kind words. Eventually I moved out and I took my kitty with me. My mother let Murphy into the house more and more often, and slowly she adopted him. She feeds him so much, he's one of the biggest kitties I've ever seen. He's about 9 years old now, we think...since I first started seeing him in the neighboorhood around 95, or 96. Tomorrow I'll write a little story about what happened when the neighbor's kid returned before heading off to college.


  1. awwww - we're glad he left the mean people an found a GOOD home!

  2. Oops, I guess I'll have to write the story on Thursday. I forgot to do that today.