Sept 26, 2006

If I had known these would be the last pictures I would take of my special baby Rajjah, I would have taken a million more. I miss her so much! Its been hard for me to try and update on here, because there is no good news.

I heard about Luna coming home after a month+ and I am so happy her owner and happy for her! I can only hope and pray that my Rajjah is returned to me. But it has been 10 days now. The other day, for a split moment..I saw a cat and I thought it was her! My heart leaped into my throat and I was so happy. And then the kitty moved and I realised it wasn't her, wasn't even close. Just from a distance, for a moment, it kinda looked like her.

I miss you so much Rajjah!! Come home my darling! My life isn't the same without your sweet and gentle nature. You can jump in my lap and dig your claws in, I won't even complain or mention the claw trimmers. If I had known that day would be the last you would be here, I would have snatched you up and never let you go outside again. If you return, you can sleep in my bed and I'll buy you tons of toys and treats and pet you all day everyday!


  1. I is so sad bout Rajjah! She can still make it home; Luna made it. Poor lil fing will be so happy to see you, too! Keep yur spirits up, keep purrayin, an I'm sure Rajjah will find her way home.

  2. thank you...I am keeping her in my prayers and have posted on several websites in the area, with pics, hoping someone will recognise her and bring her home.

  3. Oh no, poor Rajjah and poor you. My Mommy said there's still hope she can still make it home. Not only did Luna make it home, but Rikki, a kitty who used to own Mommy was gone for 6 weeks and she made it home too! We'll saylotsa purrayers and purr a lot for Rajjah to come home safe.
    Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Pepi and Gree

  4. she's just gotta come home. sumbuddy will find her and call you. does she haf a microchip or a collar?

  5. Yes, there is all the reason not to give up hope. Post lots of photos all around. Remember in Luna's case, someone saw a picture of Luna. From the translation I can't tell if it was a magazine or what...but get Rajjah's sweet little face out there with phone numbers and email addresses.

    I've had several friends who had cats return after weeks, and even months, like Luna.

  6. Sadly, Rajjah wasn't chipped yet. I usually have that all done when they go in for spaying/neutering and she was suppose to do that in October.
    Still no news, but I've contacted several local shelters and they have an eye out for her. I even emailed them many pics so they would recognise her.

  7. Just checking in this Wednesday to see if there is any news yet.

    Keep getting those photos out there. You may try, if you haven't, posting in grocery stores, laundromats, just places where people that could have seen Rajjah can have access to them. Also vets offices. The online shelters were a great idea, too.

    We're still praying for you and Rajjah.

  8. We hpe Rajjah comes home soon. Headbutts and purrs.

  9. All six of us have our paws crossed and are offering up extra kitty prayers for Rajjah's safe return to you. The very best of luck and good karma.
    DaisyMae Maus