Sept. 29, 2006

I was talking with a neighbor the other day and I mentioned how much I'm missing Rajjah. They said there a person giving away siamese kittens. I didn't really know how to respond to that. I love cats, kittens, and especially siamese....but hello? You can't replace a companion. You can never again have that same special bond. You can not just go and get another kitten. Someday, maybe I might be open to sharing my heart and home with another feline friend. But the new kitty will not be a "replacement", he or she would be a new addition to my memories, heart and my life. If there was a way to clone Rajjah, it still wouldn't be the same because her personality was shaped by the different events we both lived through during her short 5 months with me. I hand raised her, fed her bottles, wiped her little furry bottom, and in essence became her mom. She was one of those rare cats that completly submitted to being coddled like a baby, she let me carry her around and kiss on her cute adorable little fuzzy face. There will never be another Rajjah. None can replace her, nor would I want to try to do that.
Someday, maybe, a new pet will be welcomed into my life...but I can not give up hope that my darling will be returned to me. And even if she never is able to come back, she will still be a one of a kind love...never to be replaced. Always missed, always loved, I will continue to pray for her return...and I thank you all for your kind emails and comments.


  1. hissssssss to yur nayburr! it's not like ya ran outta Temptations an gotta buy sum more! we can't just be "replaced"

    come home Rajjah!

  2. I'll be more than happy to bite the neighbor for you. I'm good at it! Mom and I are praying for Rajjah's return. NEVER EVER give up looking for her, believing and praying she will be home again. Luna was missing 34 days, and mom's heard of a pet missing several months before being found (okay). So, keep the faith. She is in God's protective hands.

  3. o, i is in complete agree-mint wuf effurryone aboves.

    Rajjah will come back, u'l see. but u could nev-fer "replace" Rajjah. Bad nay-bur, but theys wuz prob'ly tryin ta help -- 'n git rid of kittens.

    My mommie will be host'n a purrrayer circle...wha'evfur that meens...on Wednesday even'ng, we finks. 'bout 8 pm east'n time ...she's will let us alls know mores...we can purrrr-ray Rajjah back home. it werked for Luna!

  4. I think the neighbor was trying to be helpful, probably doesn't truely understand that the bond is irreplaceable. Its not the fact of just "owning" any old pet, its the pet itself who become their own special self.