Sept. 6, 2006

Rajjah out in the yard. Poor baby had a tramatic weekend. I'm so angry at the neighbor behind my house. They have a "puppy" who is about 4-6 months old. He's a big hound dog puppy, whom they let roam around their unfenced yard. He frequently comes up on to my unfenced backyard. Normally, I don't care too much....I don't use that area, there isn't any access to it without going out the front door. But my kitties do use the backyard. For fun and play time and all sorts of kitty games. Anyway, Rajjah as in the back playing with her sister Carmelita. The puppy comes woofing up to Rajjah and chases her up a tree. Far far up a tree! I wasn't in the back, but eventually when I noticed I hadn't seen Rajjah in a while I went looking for her. She was about half way up the tree meowing her little heart out. The puppy was still running around free, coming to the base of the tree and barking at her. She couldn't or wouldn't come down. The puppy's owner was in their backyard and seemed to not care at all. I was sooooooo ticked! Poor baby Rajjah is tramatized, stuck up in a tree, and she can't come down again till puppy goes away! Finally, the puppy went to play in their front yard, and I was calling Rajjah trying to get her to go back off the end of the branch closer to the trunk so she could get back down. She wouldn't do this, instead came to the very end of the branch, and then began slipping. She slid down to the branch directly below the one she was on. My heart was in my throat and I kept hoping she would go back to the trunk, but once again she slipped down one more branch. Apparently she thought it was safer to come down that way. She eventually lost her footing and fell out of the tree about 7-8 feet up from the ground. She sailed down to land on her feet and then immedietly took off like a bolt of lightening. I went after her, and found her huddled under a car in the front of the house. I picked her up and checked her for broken bones. She seemed a little freaked out, understandably, but nothing broken or bleeding. I took her inside for the rest of the day. She seems a little sore, but still wants to play with the other neighborhood kittens. I want to keep her inside, but she cries and begs to be let out. I told the neighbor if their puppy comes on my property again, I'll take it to the animal control shelter. They don't even have a collar for this dog. If I knew what bad pet owners they were, I never would have let them have Carmelita. I might have to kittynap her and get her spayed and get her shots for her. At the least, she shouldn't have to worry about disease and having kittens every 6 months. Food and shelter isn't all a pet needs to be happy and healthy. They need care and responsible owners. I'm very disappointed I didn't check these people out more carefully before I let them adopt Carmelita. :(


  1. grrrrrrrr! I hate people like that! Poor sweet kitty!

  2. me too. She still seems sore and its been a few days. If she doesn't get better I might have to take her to the V-E-T....shhhh, don't let her know that!