Kitty Prayer needed!!

Can you spot the white kitty in the tree?? Biggify the pics, might help. Her name is Cricket and she has been up there for 5 days now! Thankfully it sprinkled 2 days, so she has water...but no food...except for an occasional bug. Please pray that she finally comes down. No one can reach her, she is too far up a skinny tree. Poor baby kitty, come down from there right now!!!

She was chased up this tree by the same puppy who chased my Rajjah up a tree. She has finally recovered but occasionally if she plays too rough with Pepper, she limps a little again. :(


  1. there's gotta be some way to reach her - how horrible!

  2. Turns out, poor Cricket has been up there 7 days now! Tomorrow, they are going to try and borrow a ladder, and if that fails they are going to go down to the fire department and ask them if they can help. She's so scared and must be starving!