Cats in trees, Sept. 17, 2006

See the kitty in this tree? Its a calico that was treed Sept. 16, 2006. I finally flat out told the children that were with the dog(was still on my property barking at the poor kitty) that if they did not get the dog out of my yard, I would take it to the pound. They were just standing around the base of the tree, looking up at this poor kitty in distress and just letting their dog bark his fool head off. Where were the parents in all this? Can they not hear this dog barking and barking and barking??? Why are people such bad pet owners? This is the 3rd cat this month that has been treed by the same peoples dogs. Why are their dogs running off collar/leash all over the neighborhood? GRRR!!!! I don't like having to be mean, but they don't deserve their animals. :( Thankfully once the children removed the dog from the area the kitty slowly but surely came down safely. She was very smart and went around the base of the tree jumping from branch to branch till she was low enough to get out safely.

I don't yet have a good update about Cricket who has been up in the tree for at least 9 days, I can still hear her meowing but she has to be starving by now. Poor baby, it rained again today.


  1. Oh, my gosh, I never knew there was such a thing. First of all, I don't think I have ever seen a tree that tall in my life -- I'm on the Texas gulf coast.
    Second, can you call the fire department. Oh, that poor cat. Third, I think I would kick the dog or maybe his owners for letting him do this. That poor kitten. Keep us posted...where do you live?

  2. I live in Oregon. Land of very tall trees!
    The calico managed to get down safely. Cricket is still up in the tree after 9 maybe 10 days and is getting weaker. We called the fire department, and tree trimming services...but no one has called back. The owners are frantic, they can see her in distress, hear her meows...but they can't reach her.

  3. we're glad this kitty got down, but something's got to be done about the other one - how horrible!

  4. Yes, look for the update about Cricket the one that was up in the tree...tomorrow's post. but good news she is down.