Sept 19, 2006

I'm writing this a few days in advance, hoping that there will be a good outcome to report by the time this gets published. This is Cricket, I had to "enhance" the photo to get the mixed white kitty to show up in the tree. The second shot is untouched, so you can tell how difficult it is to see her. poor darling.

and yes, there is a great update!!! Cricket has finally been freed from the evil clutches of the tree!!! Sometime this morning Sept 18, 2006...someone somehow managed to get her down. She is very matted now, and gets to go to the V-e-t to have them cut out of her fur as well as a check up. But her weight was very abundant to start with and she appears overall to be in good health! Yeah for Cricket!! Here is a pic of her reunited with her loving beans. :)

Still no news about Rajjah. Generally you have a 24-48 hour and if they don't come back in that time period...its not likely they can make it back. But I haven't given up hope yet.
Its going on 3 days now, I despair but try to have hope.


  1. Hi Heather,
    I just posted on Pet Prayers & Praise about sweet little Rajjah. We will all have you both in our thoughts and prayers today, that she return home safely to you.

  2. Yeah for Cricket!!

    poor Rajjah! She will be in our prayers.

    Those 'dog' people need to be reported...I'm not usually like that, but this is ridiculous. HOw cats need to be treed before something is done? What if the dogs go after a child? my soapbox now.

    ~Meeko, Kiara, Emmy, & Momma Becca

  3. we're so happy to see that big fluff is safe now! still very sad about Rajjah though. hopefully someone is taking care of him and doesn't know he's yours. come home sweet Rajjah!

  4. So happy Cricket is down! Now I just hope something can be done about those woofies! And, as everyone else has said, I am still thinking and purraying for Rajjah! Come home Rajjah!!!

  5. Just checking back for word on Rajjah. Had computer problems, it is "up and down".

    Don't forget to leave something outside for Rajjah, she may be lurking nearby like Frisky was.

    Please keep us advised. We are all praying for you and Rajjah.