October 12, 2006

Today I'm going to hand the blog over to MeiLin as she is very insistant that she can too type!

Things I've learned about my new 'bean and home, by MeiLin

I've learned lots of neat stuff! I wants to writes them all down so the other little kittys can learns as much as me!

1. The bean likes to stand in a white thing and let water run over her whole body! Even when I tried to rescue her she stayed in there! She thinks its cute to see my furry face peek around the curtain, she does NOT think its cute when I try to grab her to rescue her! Sigh, beans...who can understand them??

2. When the bean removes the fur from her legs, she does not mind me watching. She DOES mind if I try to check if that spayed-on-white-fluffy stuff on her legs is for eating. Yuck, why would you put stuff on your nice soft fur if you wasn't gonna lick it off real quick?? Bleck!!

3. Once the fur is off the bean, it is not ok to try to grab the sharp thing and attack it. I don't understand it, the sharp thing was mean and took all the bean's fur away...wouldn't you be mad at the sharp thing? Its ok though, I watched the bean and she stuck that mean sharp thing in a drawer where it can't get out to take her fur again.

4. There is a noisy thing that looks harmless. It is not! First it is real quiet and drags its tail all the way down the hallway. Then the bean comes and grabs the tail and shoves it in the wall! Serious, I saw her do it! Then she walks back down the hallways and touches the big black thingie...and it comes to life and starts to growl and moves all over! It stole all the nice white fur piles I've been leaving on the carpet and chairs. I put those there as pressies for my bean, and that noisy thing stole them!! Never fear, I saw the bean shove the noisy thing into a closet...so now its safe for me to leave fresh piles of fur pressies!

5. If your up on a counter, the bean will say "NO!" Don't worry though, if you stay up there for a few more minutes it means that your bean wants to play a quick game of catch-me. There is lots of fun then...the main trick is to sit there purrrfectly still and look at her all sweet. And then just as she comes a little closer, gracefully jump to the ground and make a quick dash to the nearest hiding spot! If the bean doesn't chase you, go back to the counter and start again. If she does chase you, even if its real slow, just keep moving to places she can't get to you. She'll get tired eventually and you'll win!

6. The bean does not like cold noses at 3am. The bean does not like cold noses at 4am. The bean does not like cold noses at 5am. The bean give in at 6am and lets you shove your cold face up close to hers, and then best of all she finally gets up to put more food in the bowl. It is important to remind the bean, that even if there is still food in the bowl...6am is the time for more to be in there.

Soon as I learns more stuff, I'm gonna sneak into the 'puter room and types again...you just watch!

Alright MeiLin, my turn for the computer...I have to check my email. No, don't worry I'll publish this for you. No, there's already plenty of food in the bowl....oh fine, I'll put more in.


  1. You are a fast learner MeiLin. I can't get in to mum when she stands inside the white thing with water. It has a door, not just a curtin.

  2. MeiLin here... if the white thing with water has a door, its bery importants to stand on the outside and taps very loudlys and perhaps even meows! You musted rescues your mum from the dreaded waters!!!

  3. after she gets outta the water place, try going in there and sitting and staring down the water hole for a really long time. I do. I don't know why, I just do it.

  4. MeiLin loves climbing in after I finish. She plays with any leftover water. Then trys to be all cuddly with me when shes all wet.