October 30, 2006

You can look at me, but don't try to touch me...I can fly!

No matter how often I attempted to get him to come sit on my finger, Mr. Green just likes to flutter away. At least he stayed in the room and I didn't have to chase him around the house. There was a very fluffy siamese type kitty (himilayan?)somewhere lurking around the house. He let me pet him, but never photographed. He would come upstairs to eat, then quickly retreat downstairs when I got the camera out.
Tomorrow, a photo of Max my cousin's dog.


  1. ooohhhh, purrrrrrrr! thanks fur sharin' such a grrrrreat picshure wif us!
    Grr, Midnight & Cocoa

    Don't worry Mr. Green. I won't let my kitties try to touch you either. I love fluffy siamese looking kitties. We have one that belongs to a neighbor and I always pet him/her when he/she is outside. I don't know his/her name, but I like to call him/her "Barrel" because the kitty looks like it could pop out a dozen kittens at any moment (though that's not the case).

  2. lol, Barrel sounds like a much loved and fed kitty. :)