October 13, 2006

Today I start my 10 day stay at my mothers home while she is in sunny Costa Rica! I'll be petsitting Murphy, my aunts kitty Curly Tail and be taking care of my grandmother. MeiLin (the newest addition) shall be going with me on my trip...but Empress and Ceasar are staying here. Not to worry, the nice teen that lives across the street will be feeding them and petting them (if they let her) while I'm gone. I'd bring my outdoor kitties with me, but I'm afraid they wouldn't like being confined to a strange house. They won't even come into the nice house we've lived at since May. I keep telling them they won't have a choice when it gets cold, I'm gonna snatch them up and bring them inside anyway! I tried that last winter...maybe I'll have better luck this year? At least I have a good sturdy shelter for them to come in out of the rain and occasional snow. But it would make me feel alot better if they would come inside the house.
MeiLin has tried to insist that since all the other kitties are outdoors that she should be able to go too...I pull up the curtains so she can sit in the window, but no way is she gonna ever gonna go back outside. I have too much of a struggle argueing with my outdoor kitties...I don't need to add another one that refuses to come back into the nice warm snuggly house.

Plus there aren't any beds outside that MeiLin can help me make.....

Guess what that lump is?

Even after I pulled the sheet up, she just wasn't about to move..lol. Eventually we agreed that I could finish putting the bed back together, but only if she got to sleep on it first.


  1. our Lady duzzn't do that. she sleeps on the couch, so she tries ta pick up the blankets in the morning to put them on a chair, but we jump on 'em an pounce 'em so she can't take 'em off. it's fun!

  2. pretty cute! my tigerlily has taken to crawling under the blankets to snuggle (with or without me) and has effectively hidden like that a couple of times.

  3. Kittys are very inventive when it comes to the hidding!