august 17, 2006

I haven't gotten any pics of any pets yet :( So I'm going to keep posting pics of my pets! hehe! Got to love having creative control over your own space on the web!! This pic is of my loveseat with big white pillow...oh yes...and Rajjah, the fearless kitten!
Her mother was unfortunetly eaten (yuck!) by either a coyote or a cougar. She was still nursing her litter of 6, so I had to hand raise them. Thankfully they were about 4 weeks old, so only had to do it for a few more weeks. I was planning on keeping the calico kitten (Carmelita) because I had always wanted a calico, but her personality just didn't seem to make a good bond between us. Meanwhile her sister Rajjah was crying for me all the time and always eagerly ran to greet me. I was able to find good homes for all her brothers and sisters. Infact, her sister Carmelita lives in the house behind me! So on nice sunny days, we let the two of them out and they play kittens! hehe.
I started thinking about it, and you know what? All of my pets come from a sad situation. I've never gotten one that had a nice normal start in life. Sigh! Poor fuzzies! At least I know they get a great life here with me. :)
Now don't forget yall, send me pics and stories!! If you've sent me something and I didn't get it....try again, and if I still don't get it...put it on a comment here, and I'll see whats going on with yahoo mail...might switch services if the spam filter is snatching cute pics of pets!


  1. These kitties are so cute. I will send pics of my babies when I have more time. They have their own sites to.

    Well I was thinking about the cats you get have a bad start to life. Well at least they came to the right person and get to have a wonderful life even though it started bad. You always have to look on the bright side. Can't wait to see what happens next.

  2. our Lady would be happy just seeing pic-shures of this little one efurry day - what a cutie!

  3. thanks both ya :)
    I look forward to seeing pics from you danielle. And as soon as I get some free time, I'll hope over and peek at their blogs.
    Rajjah is incredibly cute...and she knows it! lol. I do have a few more pics of her, but will probably post one of her royal highness The Empress Tao (my first kitty) tomorrow...then on monday put up another pic of Rajjah.

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