Nov. 5, 2007

Do I look amused??

Author: Hunter

I can snot beweve that I was snot the blogging kitty on Halloween!! Its snot fair!!
I is the perfect choice for the halloween because I is the blackest, furriest, softest fiercest-looking kitty in the entire house! But noooo Momma had to let StinkyButt be the blogger. She said somefing about it being his day of the week to blog! GRRRRR
Yah, I is gonna call him StinkButt from now on...somefing happeneded to his butt, he farts alot now. And they is stinky farts! At least whens I fart, no one nose! I finks it all started when he started the caterwalling...he seys he is serinadings a special girlycat. I calls it loud ands annoseying. I finks Momma agrees. But she wont tell him, cause he is all sensitives now thats he is mooning over that girlycat.

Anyway Momma has a question she wants me to ask all the beans out there. Its a delicate subjects I guess...I wouldn't nose cause I already had my dangling bits stolen. She says that she is at her limits with the two idiots...ok ok, she didnts call them that...I guess they have names....the two little furry bundles of joy (oh ick I is gonna be sick)...they has both been killings the furniture. She bought that sticky doubles sided tape to put on the sofa...they peeleds it off. She bought this sprays that is suppose to makes the kitties avoid the area. Stinkybutt hates it, but Spoiled Brat Belle doesn't even care that its there. And after awhiles Stinkybutt ignores it and goes back to scratching, likes maybe an hour later. And on top of all thats Momma says she can smells it baaaaddd....and she hates the smell ofs it.

So thats didn't work. The two bad ones keep killings all the furniture, if Momma sees them doing it...she hisses at them and they run away...but as soon as she leaves they do it again. Sooooo, I guess she is finking that she should have them declawed whens they get their bits stolen. I finks its cheaper to do it all at once rather then two surgerys. Momma has never ever dones that to a kitty befour...and she really doesn't wants to...but she isn't gonna have any furniture to sits on soon. She tried putting on a throw or covers, but the brats finks its a toy...they pull it off or play under it ands they still keep scritching the sofa and lazyboy.

We has two different kinds of scratching posts, one thats carpety and one thats cardboardy...I only use the cardboard one and nevers the furniture.

Momma says her questions to the beans out there is this: Is there anything else that is cheaps -she spent a mini fortune already-that could keep the furr darlings (eww) from killings the furniture. The declaws is a last resort. Momma has been losing her wits over this issue, so she needs your imputs.


  1. How did you do that pic? It looks cool!! Is that realy hunter???

  2. Other kitties have been wearing those "soft paws" or "soft claws", or whatever they're called. I'd hate for them to lose their claws.

    MomBean & DadBean know that certain types of material (nubbly material, they call it) is a scratch attractor. They've been looking for a sofa that's very smooth, although none of us really uses anything but our cat trees.

  3. Yes thats Hunter, I didn't do the friend at Zoolantry did it. :)

  4. What about a water bottle with lemon juice to spray at the pussy cats if you catch them doing it. I hear somewhere that some smooth plastic over the corners might stop them too - and very attractive we might add. My mum lets me scratch on the big mat in the kitchen, my scratching pole and the wooden bench outside. Dat's all I am allowed to scratch on while she is home (heehee).

    Please don't declaw the culprits. It is actually illegal for vets to do this in New Zealand, as it is considered inhumane. As the claw is like the cats end of finger, and they need them to defend themselves.

    Good luck - I hope you finds something that works.

  5. Try the soft paws. Many pet stores carry them and you can also order them online. They are like fake nails for your cats. They glue on with nail glue over the claws and are made of soft latexy stuff so the claws aren't sharp anymore but are still usable for picking stuff up, grabbing bugs, etc. They even come in clear/white and fashion colors!

  6. You could try keeping a little squirt bottle nearby and using it whenever the wrong scratching starts. My Mommie and Daddie have ended up buying furniture that we do not like to scratch on (some leather, some microfiber).

  7. This picture is really neat~!

  8. definitelky go for the soft paws - it is cruel to remove the claws - it woul be like cutting off the end of your fingers.

    my meowmie has a rug in the lounge which she folds over itself when she is not here - we rip the backing of the rug to pieces with our claws - but as a result we ignore the other furnitures...diversionary tactics :)

    love stormie xxx