Nov. 7, 2007

That is my throne!!

Author: Napoleon
Pictures this week all by Zoolatry.

Thats my throne, ands that proves I gets to rules. Cause only rulers gets to have their own thrones. I is looking for my crown, but I has not seens it yet. I bets Momma is hiding it cause I was naughty. Last time she went aways for a few days, I unpluggeded the snack bowl and a fishy forgoted how to swim. He floated to the top. Not my fault, I didn't put a delicious snack bowl on the counter...and then leave it unguarded for days!! hehehe
Momma wants me to let everyones know fanks for telling her abouts the soft claws. I don't know whats it is, but Momma says she's gonna gets some and puts them on me and Belle. Hmm, it better be somefing nice, and not something all pink and girly...I has my boykitty dignity to keep ups!!


  1. Oh Napoleon you always look dignified and I do so like the look of your throne! :) I'm sure you Momma will get you some nice soft claws that match your throne or your eyes if you'z purrs nicely! :) As for me, our High S P has been playin' up and not letting us online cause he had a techinal fault or somethin'... It's fixed now and I'll have my chance to blog tomorrow - maybe I'll look for a crown for you cutie! ;)

  2. you will look wunndeful in your throne with your new soft paws on :)

  3. Oh Napoleon I'z here and you can come see me trying to look all cute for you! :)


  4. I dont know how to tell you this but in the UK the throne room is what we call the human litter tray. Nevertheless you stil look regal to me. FAZ