October 31, 2007

This is the plant that we all nibbled on

Author: Napoleon

Turns out that plant is doings just fine...Its blooming alots and I don't finks all the buds and branches we chewed off hurt it ats all! If you look close you can see some of the flowers are pink and some are white. Momma musta goofed and planted two different cactuss in theres!

My MiniMeezer Rule: Confusing your bean is a great way to spend the evening.

See Momma goes to bed at different hours each night. Depends on how tired she is and what she has to do the next day. So, as soon as she says " comeon guys lets go to bed" we alls barrel down the hallway and jumps on the beds. We PURRRRR and cuddle and PUUUUURRRR some more. Then for no apparent reason I justs jumps out of bed and starts MEORWLING at the tops of my beautiful meezer voice. I go up and down the hallway ands screams and meows and meorwls and a bunch of other sounds they don't even has words for. It doesn't matter if Momma goes to bed at 11pm or 3am, I do not do this until after we have been in bed and had our 5 minutes of snuggling...then I run off and do the noise making for about 20 minutes. Then I come backs and acts like I never left. This greatly confuses Momma!! I finks its well worth the effort, it keeps the bean in awe and cloaks the meezer bethren in great mystery.
Momma keeps muttering something about a hoohaaectomy...but I don't know what exactly that is, or I forgets. Maybe my friend Isis knows? She has older siblings too. Hunter won't tell me, he had it done when he was my age...but he just giggles alot whens I ask.


  1. You're a wildcat! Yup, gotta have that hoohahectomy. But that won't shut you up. Nope.

    Happy Halloween all!

    Luf, Us

  2. Oh Napoleon you are such a character and it's good to keep your Momma on her toes, or you could do what I do and keep on your Mummy toes! ;) Luckily for me she doesn't mind most of the time, and only complains occasionally though I have noticed this seems to coincide with when I put the bitey on them... But I'm still expurrimentin' to see if there's a real link! :)

    As for a hoohaaectomy I asked both Tigmut'hep and Ramses about this one and the only sensible answer came from Ramses and even that doesn't make much sense... He says "It's when the VET takes your nut clusters away!" But I've had a darn good look and it seems I don't have a nut cluster in sight and I can count the times I've been to the VET on the pads of one paw and I know they've never done more than give me one of those nasty rejections in d'back of d'neck... I'z seein' the lovely ladyvet in a few weeks for my High D Chip, maybe I can ask her what this hoohaaectomy is all about then?! Until then I think I'd better go back and look for my invisible nut clusters...


  3. ahaha oh excellent..I wonder why you do your nightly howling, I mean singing? I think you might just be announcing to the world that you are about to go to bed! haha

  4. You'z serenading me aren't you Napoleon!? :)