October 26, 2007

I refuse to face the camera today!!

Author: Napoleon
Momma says we is restructurings the way this blog runs. She says that now I has to share it with BOTH Hunter and Belle!! This was my blog! When Hunter was all alones here the posts went way downs!! I am the bestest and the cutest and the furriests and and and its not FAIR!!!!! Momma says the reason we has to share is cause she isn't letting us ins to the puter room unsnoopervised cause someone put the bitey on the christmas cactus plant. It hasn'ts bloomed in three years and just this last month decideds to wake up or something. Its got tons of tasty looking leaves and flowers-to-be...I was just curious, alot...so was Hunter and Belle, they dids it too!! Anyway, we isn't allowed into the puter room 'less Momma is in theres too. And I guess she dont's want to have three seperates bloggies...so we is all gonna have one day a week where we gets to blog. And at the beginning of each post, under a photo, we will have that new thingie you see up there thats let you know who is the one doing the bloggings.
And I finks Momma is gonna have one day a week where she might blog about sort of off topic stuff. She really wants to ask peoples about this product she bought to keep Belle from killing the sofa, and stuff likes that.She might do that tomorrow.

Now Momma says she is tryings to be fair about the way we each get a day. She finks that it should go Midnight-cat Mondays, Meezer Rule Wednesday, and Female Feline Fridays. I finks it should go likes this: Meezer Monday, Meezer Rule Wednesday, and Finest Meezer Friday. Whats do you all finks?? I'm pretty fair, right?


  1. Well I can't help you out because I demanded my own blog. But I guess its pretty fair if you have to share. We don't have plants except in the Dark De-Tailer room where we never ever go.


  2. Sharing is very, very hard. Sometimes I have to share my blog with my sister Pixie. But I do not like it either. I do not blame you for being a little bit upset.

  3. I hafta share my bloggie sometimes, too, with my big brothur Brainball and my little sistur Dorydoo. I don't mind, though, cuz they don't tend to be blog hawgs. Marilyn used to blog on my bloggie but she did kind of turn into a blog hawg so Momma gave Marilyn her own bloggie. Maybe nobody will become a blog hawg and you won't mind sharin' too much.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  4. Hmmm, I believe my little brother just called me a Blog Hog! I will just pretend I didn't hear that, *smile*.

    I am very happy to have my very own blog, though. It's lots of fun!

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

  5. I think sharing is a great idea. Maybes you should just write on whatever day you has something to say.

    I wish i had another kitty to share with. It's tough stuff handling it all by myself.

  6. sharing is good!!!
    these look like good days to blog

  7. Well if you blog on Wednesday you'll get to see Isis midweek blog! ;) I'll make sure she adds lots of pictures of herself if you'd like Napoleon?! :) I'z goin' to wait until Mummy has her camera out to tell Isis you think she's cute! ;) I so hope Mummy can capture the moment :)

  8. Honestly?? I think it should go something like this:

    Meezer Monday

    Talented meezer Tuesday

    meezer Rule Wednesday

    Thursday talk about meezer day

    Frootbat Friday

    See?? Makes perfect sense! x

  9. I'm sorry, Napoleon. Sometimes Ninna takes over my blog and I don't much like it either (because she says things about me).

  10. castle blogged TWICE and i told him off...although i may let him again one day...we'll see!

    napoleon - it is ALL aboiut the Meezers! beter remind your house-pals about that rool! xxx

  11. Napoleon please will you take part in the Miss Peach meme, I've nominated you 'cause Isis insisted... The things a big brother has to do for his little 'sis never seem to end! ;)


  12. Try sharing with 10! Oy!

    Luf, Us