October 8, 2007

I'm winking at you!! Biggify to see

Yeah, I'm totally upside downs too. Momma is still hasings issues with her camera. It doesn't seem to works so well anymore.
Oh, ya I remembers something Momma wanted me to writes about. She signed up for this StatCounter thingie and it tells her great things about some of the peoples who visit my bloggie!
Did you know we have had peoples from all over the world comes to visit us? And we have had some neato search results too.
Here is some of the keywords, they were pretty close to what they was looking for:
Tall Tale pictures (cause I gots lots of tall tails around here!!
Doggie photos ( well, momma dids foster some doggies and had their pictures on here once upons a time.)
Pets Pics (oh yeah, thats totally the name of my bloggie!!)
House Pets Sighs ( that one makes us wonder whats they were really searching for? Was their house pets making them sigh? Or did they want their house pets to sigh?)
Anyways there was other search words too. But here, we is gonna put some search words in now to direct more peoples to us......if we cans think of some.

Waffles! We loves them, even if Momma won't less us have them.
Kitties There some of those here, or thats the rumor anyway. hehe
Meezer World Domination Don't forgets to join our revolution of cuteness!!
Lizard Eater Ohhh, if we could gets a lizard in this house we would totally eats it!!

Oh ands we had alots of people visiting us from different countries too! We wants to say a special welcomes to all our foreign visitors! Spreading the Meezer way of life around the world!!

Here is some:
USA= the majority of our visitors are from here and its our home country :)

Belgium- do they have yummy waffles there???? WE LOVES WAFFLES!!!

India- would love some curry please? And thats the home of the Asiatic Lion, the rarest lion in the world!!!!

Egypt- Momma loves that place!! She always wanteds to visit, soooo badly!

Mexico- Momma's ancestors are from there! Bueno!!Benvendidos (we can'ts spell in spanish any better then wes can spell in english)

Canada- Our wonderful neighbor to the north, they helped make a tv show Momma loves alot, SG1.

Taiwan- Many of our favoritest items are made there

Hong Kong- Wow, another place Momma would love to visit. So much ancient culture and bussling expansion.

United Kingdom- We gots almost as many people from the UK visiting us as we do from the USA. Cool!!

New Zealand- So much unique wildlife thats only found there and the neighbor to Australia

Ireland- Do you know they don't have any native snakes there? Isn't that interesting??

If you visited us and we didn'ts list your country, its cause our stat counter missed you, and not cause we don'ts appriciate your country and you coming to visit us! We loves all our visitors, even the ones that don't leave comments.

We love different cultures!! SMOOCHES! Now, join our revolution and leave us a meow or two. ;)


  1. Not sure about the Meezer Revolution, but I'm finking about an Abyssinian Uprising! ;)

  2. We love checking our stats and referrals and stuff. Its so funny how people find us!


  3. Thanks for your kind words about Davy, the White Panther.

    Luf, Us

  4. We live in the UK but my human is Australian. Does that mean you can count us twice? FAZ

  5. Ah, we are proud to be mentioned!