October 17, 2007

I am totally denying this is me!!

The picture is all blurry and you can't tell thats me! It could be another anonnymouse meezer.

Todays MiniMeezer Rule:
Deny everything, even when there is concrete proof to the contrary. Meezers are above all that rule business!!

See Momma hads another fishy that forgot how to swim. One day the stupid snack, um, I mean fish...floated to the top. I had nothing to do with the other two fishys that forgots how to swim too. There is no way I did anything. Infact, I was being very helpful and sampling the waters ph levels, as I is very concerned abouts all the animals thats live under my rule.

hehehehe, you thinks Momma bought it? They are great little toys in there, but they just won't come out of the water very easily...hmmm, must sharpen my hooks, as I see two more snacks down in there.


  1. I don't see a meezer there. Your meezer fur is an invisinible cloak, don't forget that!


  2. I can see you are very concerned about the little fishies, and they must be examined closely. With your claws.

  3. That is a wonderful meezer rule, I agree - meezers are way above rules! x

  4. hehehe, that's a superduper rule, and I totully agree! My fav'rit line when I'm doin' somethin' naughty and Momma katches me: "It wuzzn't me!"

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  5. Gurreat rule! If it looks the least bit compromising and not at all complimentary, deny!! Hehehe...

    You are so very adorable. I wish we had fishies to eat - I mean, play with here too.


  6. Seems like a good rule to me! :)

  7. Great rule! We want a pet fishie, too, but Mom says we can't have one because of what we do to the ice cubes she puts in our water bowl. heh heh

    Earl Grey

  8. I have no idea who that cat is in the picture - I've never seen him or her before in my life!

  9. Good rule! Applies to other cats too....
    Thank you for stopping by at Anastasia's blog! Yes, I am sure she is rolling in dirt piles all day long, behind the bridge, she LOVED dirt rolling!